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The entertainment business is a big part of human life, and one of its biggest sectors is gambling. The practice has been around for centuries now, and it has constantly grown to encompass a larger fan base over the decades. With the wave of online gaming overtaking that of brick and mortar establishments, most people have been able to indulge in casinos. Most of those that do so are in it for the money. This has been enabled by the advancement of the financial sector as well to adopt online money transfer channels. This has led to the partnership between financial institutions and the gaming business to form destinations such as PayPal, Neteller, Ukash, and Skrill online casinos among others.

The fact that winning is involved in gambling has made it an attraction for millions across the globe. This has made it a career path for thousands of people in gambling nations. Even though it does not stand as a conventional job, the widespread use of the wide web has made it a welcome option for most.

Definition of a Professional Gambler

Gambling draws all sorts of people, and various traits set professional gamers apart from those that do it for fun and social reasons and those that have a compulsive disorder. Professionals are serious with the stakes that they play since the activity stands as their main source of income. Each wager that they place is well calculated and is done using strategies that the player has researched on and is carried out in a game that they are familiar with. Nearly all professional gamblers go for games where the odds can be influenced in their favor, and the dependence on Lady Luck is minimal. Blackjack and Poker are some of the first options for most gamers that fall into this category.

Professional gamblers are also known to approach a game with a specific amount of cash that they are willing to risk at the tables. Thus, they also plan the amount of time that they are willing to spend gambling. Most professionals spend their days studying statistics and collecting strategies to employ in the games that they play. Some players work nine to five similar to regular office-going people do while others set up special time frames. Additionally, some prefer to work in a real-life environment in location-based casinos while others prefer the online platform.

Games Played by Professional Gamblers

As mentioned earlier, professional players tend to lean towards sets that require the application of skill to play. That way, the odds can be changed in favor of the player.

Even though slot machine games are at the top of the list of popular casino games, almost all professional gamers veer from investing in it. This is because even though slots are easy to engage in, they are negative expectation games. These games depend entirely on luck for wins, and no strategy can be employed to sway the odds. This leaves the gamer with a higher chance of losing than winning.

Professional gamblers mostly go for the games listed below:

  • Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most enjoyed table games and is listed in all location-based and online casinos that pride themselves in being among the best. Blackjack has been around for centuries, and its origin can be traced back to Europe. In the game, players are set against a dealer where they have to attain a card value of twenty-one before the dealer does. The game has seen numerous variants pop up over the years including Vegas Strip, Chinese Blackjack, Elimination Blackjack, and Blackjack Switch among others.

  • Poker

Poker is also a popular table game that has been around for quite some time. Unlike most other card games that place the player against the dealer, poker requires players to play against others at the table. Professional gamblers love poker due to its employment of both skill and strategy. The cards that are dealt and rules of play depend on the variation of the game being played. Most variants kick off with Ante and Blind bets, and gamers are required to bet depending on the worth of their cards in comparison to those of other players at the table.

Traits of Professional Gamblers

Becoming a professional gambler means that a player has to carry specific qualities to be good at it. Some of the most notable traits in such players include:

  • Concentration

Since most of the games that professional gamblers play require the use of strategy, concentration is a trait that most of them carry. One has to be keen on the cards being dealt and the moves other players at the table are making to calculate what to do next to take home big winnings.

  • Analytical

For one to win when gambling, a lot of problem-solving is involved. Therefore, most professional gamers have acquired an analytical trait to help them get around most issues at the table and come up with solutions that end up with wins.

  • Good time management

Professional gambling is a career path like any other, and most people in the field are careful about their timing to avoid ending up as compulsive gamblers. Most professional players give eight to ten hours per day to concentrate on studying their games.

  • Comfortable with taking risks

Gambling involves taking risks which end up with wins or losses. Professional players are aware of this and place money that they are willing to lose on the line.

Professional gambling requires the acquisition of numerous skills and strategies. Most of the biggest names in this field have taken training of some kind in various schools or from other professionals that have succeeded in it.


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