What is an Ad Network and How to Effectively Use It



No matter what your goals are: you may offer cleaning services or think about your blog monetizing you will certainly need somebody or something to resolve your questions of that type. Some prefer to contact a partner individually, so called direct advertising, as a way out, but it is only a partial solution.Direct advertising is unlikely to help you to sell all the inventory you have or cover all your audience by 5-6 websites.


Ad networks were designed for such cases. They work as an intermediary between two key players and deal with all the stuff. To onlookers it appears that all you should do is to sign up in the system, state your role, define target audience, choose pricing model and start. Actually, it is really so. Many ad networks are very fast in their acceptance, but before going into the waters you should understand it is really worth it.


How to choose the most effective online advertising network – a short guide for Advertisers and Publishers

First of all, mind: famous or popular doesn’t mean suitable exactly for you.


You may wish to start with Google Adsense as the most well-known option. Their interface is user-friendly and common idea is about quick understanding for even a complete newcomer. But you may wish to change them after a while and that is not a problem as they are not the only fish in the sea. Let’s have a look what we should pay attention to.


Applying to world famous networks is not always a good idea. If you know for a fact that Nestle runs its campaigns with a huge network ABC – probably, it is not the case for your to apply there. Advertising budgets for business sharks are enormous and if you just start a family-run company, there will be discussion about profit as everything will be burnt in the advertising flames. The idea that you will attract a big slice of the pie is also very doubtful here. Young Publishers, in their turn, may not stand several requirements to enter such kind of networks. There is no problem or shame to have a look at something smaller, at least on initial steps.


A monkey sees and monkey does. Study what your competitors use for ad campaigns. The more information you get – the better.


Try to learn as much as possible about the networks you are thinking about. It is not only official information posted on the website, but other users’ feedbacks. If you can’t find such information on the Internet – have a look at the clients the network mentions and try to contact them and ask about the impressions, pros and cons of the place you have chosen.


Check how many pricing models are available. The more, the better: it means that you will have a chance to run several ad campaigns with different goals. While Publishers can try different variants of earning money.


Your niche is the priority number one in choosing. Different networks may offer very tempting conditions, but does it make any sense if they work with mobile audiences (for example, in-app advertising), while you have no application at the moment and mainly focused on desktop audience?


Finally, you have chosen something

The most useful advice for you here will be that you can try several ad networks at the same time. They are all different, but if together they give that necessary standard – why miss the opportunity?


Even all preparations were done and all the feedbacks were reliable and positive – there is always a chance for something to go wrong. First impression may spoil your further interaction and impression about the network, but if it is not something really serious, try to give a second chance. If the situation doesn’t go better, you are in your right to leave it.


Be prepared, that finding your network and your place in advertising world is a long process that will require from you times and efforts. We sincerely wish you good luck in overcoming all challenges and finding your place under the sun.



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