The after effects of the Arab Spring, good or bad for Israel?

Countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen recently had civil confrontations to push out their tyrant rulers in order to construct a new state. Many of these countries are still under the ‘after effects’ of these Arab Spring revolutions. Many critics point that ‘Sharia Law’ could be established in these countries as an alternative for a democratic reformation. For example, many experts believe groups like the ‘Islamic Brotherhood’ that once fought alongside the ‘libertarian secularist in Egypt’ to dethrone Mubarak’s regime, will eventually turn their backs on the “young progressive movement” and fight instead for an Islamic state.

The questions are:
1) How will Israel cope with the transformations of these countries?
2) How many of these Arab countries except for Tunisia and Libya (Not Arab) will become Islamic states?


Samia Errazzouki.

“Sharia law itself is as a concept remains hotly debated, both in how it’s interpreted and how it’s implemented. Sharia law is not black and white, nor is it monolithic. Many of these countries have, to some extent, historically referred to some aspects of Islamic law for the foundations of their legislation.

Tunisia and Libya may not be Arab when it comes to the ethnic make up of their respective populations, but both countries self-indentified as Arab in their constitutions. There are significant political, economic and social factors to consider when assessing the future ties of these countries with Israel, not just the perceived threat of an ‘Islamic state.’ The relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia, a religiously conservative regime, is the perfect reference for considering this matter.”


Robert David Steele Vivas. 

“Israel the country is under the control of Zionists who have lost their minds — they have become the Gestapo of the Middle East. Israel will continue to use force and subversion to “assure” its security, not realizing that like the United States of America, they have lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the rest of the world — their approach to security is retarded and should be compared to the wise words of the current commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization who now, twelve years after I lectured all the intelligence generals and colonels from the NATO/PfP countries, is talking about “open source security.”

Israel will continue to commit crimes against humanity and atrocities against the Palestinian people, for as long as the people of the USA do not rise up against  their own insanely criminal government whose political arm — the two-party tyranny that has destroyed democracy in the USA — continues to borrow money, to spend money on dictators and financial terrorists (Goldman Sachs, Morgan, City-Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, among others), and to blindly support Israel with money that directly enables Israeli misbehavior. In my view, it will take another five to ten years before the world grows so sick of Israeli misbehavior that they carry out a global boycott such as South Africa endured before apartheid ended formally (it continues informally). There are not enough guns on the planet to keep the people down once they realize their full humanity. As Minister-Mentor Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore has noted, it is demography, not democracy, that will define the future. Neither Israel nor the USA understand this reality.

There is nothing wrong with, nor to be feared, in an Islamic state that is both responsible as an Islamic state, and responsible as a government of, by, and for its people in relation to the rest of the world. Malaysia and Indonesia are shining examples of successful Islamic states. Turkey and Nigeria are examples of very important Islamic states that could either rise to great stature or collapse. Iran is an example of an Islamic state that has been so attacked by the USA and the Israelis as to be respected for its sacrifices and forbearance. Pakistan is an example of a failed Islamic state. India’s Muslim elements are an example of generally virtuous participants in both secular and inter-faith endeavors. Religion is not the issue — the issue is legitimacy.  Dictators — and dictatorships by one or two parties that exclude all other parties — are illegitimate. Whether secular or religious, they do not represent the public interest and should over time be abolished as the public becomes more educated and more connected and therefore more powerful as a non-violent collective.

There are 5,000 secessionist movements around the world (27 of them in the USA). Most exist because artificial, political boundaries imposed by the colonial powers destroyed centuries of natural accommodation among peoples and the lands and waters able to support those peoples and their customs. We are at the very beginning of a period of history where indigenous wisdom is once again appreciated precisely because it is resilient and sustainable, and Western industrial era corruption and falsehoods are not. The deep common sense and collective intelligence of the public, emergent in an Open Source Everything environment that rejects secrecy, corruption, and “top down” or “expert” direction that is almost always in the service of special interests rather than the public interest, is the only force that governments and religions cannot repress.”


Adnan Aamir Sarparrah.

“The so-called Arab spring is just a series of Fake revolutions to bring regime changes as per the strategic interests of America. America is preventing its allies such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait from Arab spring as no regime change is required in these countries. The USA policy in middle east revolves around Israel. So Israel has no threat whatsoever from these so called revolutions as America is monitoring them.

Syria has an anti-Israel regime and this Arab spring is trying its level best to topple it. Egypt has lost a pro-Israel regime Of Hosni Mubarak but Military still call the shots in Egypt which is pro-American. So there is no threat of Islamisation for Israel that can emerge from the cradle of this series of revolutions. Most people of Islamic counties want to impose Shariah Law but the American Manipulation and control in the region is too strong to allow that to happen.

I don’t think that any Arab state will be an Islamic state. Middle east was ruled by dictators of two types: one was with America such as Saudis, Qataris, Bahrainis and UAE sheikh — and one was against America which included Qaddafi, Assad, etc. Only anti-American dictators are facing the wreath of their public and pro-American have nothing to worry about. As long as these pro-American dictators are in power there can’t be an Islamic revolution.”


Kris Anne Hall. 

“I cannot speak on other nations, but I can speak on the foundation of America. America was built with a primary focus upon Liberty. John Adams said in his dissertation on feudal and cannon law in 1765 that, “Liberty must be supported at all hazards.” Many of the founders made very similar statements. As they were drafting the Constitution, it was Liberty they were focused on and the best way to secure it for us and our posterity. Unfortunately, we have forgotten what Liberty really is.

We think Liberty and freedom are synonymous. They are not. Pure freedom gives a nation of people the right to live their lives in whatever manner suits them, regardless of how that affects others: free to rob, free to lie, free to murder. Pure freedom is anarchy not Liberty. Liberty is a balance of freedom and morality. It is a shared morality that allows us to have freedom and yet respect the rights of others to that freedom as well. America’s shared morality is derived from a Judeo-Christian world view.

The understanding that thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not murder balanced by the knowledge that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Just as freedom alone is anarchy and a civilized people cannot live like that, we cannot have a nation built upon moral law alone. When a nation is ruled by moral law it is a theocracy. Theocracies in the hands of men are tyranny, because there is no freedom in it. That is why Sharia law is not compatible with the American Constitution. Sharia Law is not based upon Liberty, it is a theocracy and that is anti-liberty.

The founders of America said time and time again that foreign influence was one of the greatest threats to liberty.  From my studies I see that threat exists because foreign nations were not built with the same focus on Liberty and the balance between freedom and morality. It is hotly debated in America because American schools no longer teach the truth about the founding of this nation, if they teach anything at all. If the truth were taught, it would be an open and shut case. Sharia Law would not even be debated but immediately dismissed as a “baneful foreign influence” as identified by George Washington.”


Claude Nougat. 

“Somebody said in 2000 when the new century was ushered in that the 21st Century would be ‘religious or it wouldn’t be anything at all’… It certainly looks like that and all the countries engaged in the Arab Spring are now veering into various forms of theocracies in the name of Allah the Merciful. Let us hope the Sharia that will be or is being established, will be merciful!

Certainly, a theocracy is not an American-style democracy and certainly Israel will find itself increasingly isolated since it too has become ever more ‘orthodox’ Jewish (mostly under the impulse of new immigrants from Eastern Europe — really Israel has become unrecognizable if one looks at what it was when it was first created over sixty years ago).

The result of all these changes? Greater likelihood of war, for sure. Can we escape the worst scenarios? I think Egypt will play a key role. Turkey is already a role model for most countries that have kicked out their tyrants, but how Egypt follows the model will set the rules for all the others. So, my advice would be: watch Egypt!”

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