Our policy and standards. 

The Daily Journalist exposes the truth without censorship or manipulative motives to justify a belief, interest or faith. Journalism should be free for all, without skew, not leaning toward any tendency or creed that would harm the reputation of information. The neo-journalist approach practiced at The Daily Journalist,  allows everyone to publish content without imposing prejudice or self interest. We post ideas and news stories with opposite ends, to give a cohesive black and white, oil and water, ink and paint interpretation of researched reality. Our world expertise community composes diversity and sponsors freedom of expression to regulate balance in opinion. Our main goal is to educate the public, by asking the hard resourceful questions modern day media avoids to publish, due to the following motives: Corporate manipulation, redlining, editorial censorship, consultant gate-keeping and government bias. Journalism and information should be fair and balanced, and The Daily Journalist pioneers to accomplish that goal to provide its readers, the questions modern day media refuses to publish for the above intends and purposes. We fight to provide world class analysis and data, to our readers and let the public decide for their own, without handling a hidden and open  agenda.  

We only write about:

Politics, Media, Social Media, Finance & Economics, Science, Government, Intelligence, Health Issues and Education, Civil Rights, Statistical Results, and History.

Think, Research and Expose, is our policy.

Jaime Ortega founder and president.