Bob Woodward Blasts Media “Smugness” on Trump

By Don Irvine.


In a conversation with Axios’ Mike Allen, veteran journalist Bob Woodward criticized the media for its “smugness” when reporting on President Trump.

Allen asked Woodward to comment on a statement he made last month in which he said, “This is no time for self satisfaction or smugness:”

“I think that’s a giant problem. On television, particularly, you will see a White House correspondent deliver a report and then say ‘The Trump White House said,’ and then there’s a kind of smug smile — which is the correspondent undermining what the White House said. And there may be grounds for that. But it should be reported. It should be straight.”

When a liberal like Bob Woodward thinks the media have become too smug in their reporting on Trump, and encourages straightforward reporting, you know they have lost any pretense of objectivity.

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