Donald Trump And The End Of The Liberal Media


By Barack Obama Mandela.


Throughout now President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign for president I analyzed the mainstream media’s coverage of the Trump campaign. From the Huffington Post to the New York Times to CNN these media outlets openly supported Hillary Rodham Clinton. Moreover, their polls wrongly prognosticated that Hillary Clinton would win the election. The leftist media was ABSOLUTELY wrong while FOX new was ABSOLUTELY correct.

In my opinion, the election of Donald J. Trump as US president signals the end of the liberal media in the United States of America.

It is clear from the election results that the liberal media grossly misread the mood of the American people. It is clear that political polls conducted by the liberal media were unfairly rigged and biased against President-elect Trump. Given the outcome of the election it is time for the leftist media to do a mea culpa.

What should the liberal media do now that Trump has been elected president?

First of all, the Huffington Post needs to hire more conservative and right-leaning contributors and editors in acknowledgement of the new American reality. If the HuffPost does not hire more conservatives as soon as possible it runs the risk of being perceived as a biased tool of the socio-political left. In addition, liberals and progressive should be fired and purged from the Huffington Post effective immediately.

Secondly, CNN and CNBC must hire more conservative commentators and anchors. The days of liberal Anderson Cooper are no more. The American public, which has chosen to move to the right, will not tolerate liberal outlets such as the New York Times. It’s time for the media to acknowledge this reality or risk irrelevance and extinction.

Finally, the time has come for introspection and humility on the part of the leftist media. Does the liberal media wish to continue as a biased tool of the progressive left? Are media such as the Huffington Post afraid of giving a “fair hearing” to right wing ideas which the American people have accepted?

The Huffington Post must become more like Fox News and the Drudge Report and the Heritage Foundation. If the liberal media does not embrace the right wing, then it will be regarded as unreliable propaganda of the extreme left.

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