Media Bias for Hillary

By Stephen Lendman.

It’s old news supported by newly released Center for Public Integrity (CPI) information. More on this below.
Campaigning yesterday in Colorado, Trump called media scoundrels “more crooked than crooked Hillary” – again saying November’s election is “rigged.”
Ignore mainstream reports, he urged. “(R)ead the Internet” instead. In North Carolina, Trump running mate Mike Pence explained this year’s presidential election isn’t “a fair fight (because major) media (are) doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her every day.”
A previous article explained Google support for Hillary. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg one-sidedly backs her, deleting negative comments about her – claiming they don’t “follow the Facebook Community Standards,” part of its war on free expression.
According to CPI, more than 96% of individuals identified as journalists in federal campaign finance filings contributed $396,000 to Hillary’s campaign – compared to about $14,000 for Trump.
Federal candidates only need disclose contributions exceeding $200 during each electoral cycle, including names of donors. It’s likely many more journalists contributed to the Clinton and Trump campaigns below the radar, their names and amounts unknown.
Supporting one presidential candidate over another assures biased coverage. The New York Times is a virtual Hillary press agent.
Yet its ethics handbook prohibits political donations, saying “(a)ny political giving by a Times staff member would carry a great risk of feeding a false impression that the paper is taking sides” – stated with tongue in cheek when it comes to Hillary.
Journalists contributing to campaigns of political candidates they’re covering reveal a clear conflict of interest – an unacceptable ethical breach, compromising their integrity – a quality sorely absent in mainstream reporting.
Trump spokesman Jason Miller told CPI “we’re witnessing the single biggest coordinated media attack in political history…”
He called its anti-Trump “biased hit pieces…in-kind contributions, (far) exceed(ing) their maximum allowable gift limits a long time ago.”
It’s hard disagreeing, this year’s presidential coverage overwhelmingly one-sided – an unprecedented display of deplorable media bias for Hillary, a woman physically, ethically, morally and emotionally unfit to serve.

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