Top Scientists Cite Hard Evidence Charles Darwin Really was a Massive Plagiarist

  • This Article is by Mike Sutton (author of Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret) –

Six years after the publication of Nullius in Verba, my book on Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s plagiarizing science fraudwhich took the scientific community by surprise with the results of revolutionary Internet Date detection (IDD) BigData analysis of the historic publication record, a growing number of scientists are admitting the painful truth of Darwin’s plagiarism of the entire theory of evolution by natural selection.  A web page of up-to date references of those writing to support the veracity of Darwin’s and Wallace’s guilt can be found on the Patrick Matthew website (here).

By way of just one example, of the bombshell paradigm change in the history of science, Professor Trevor Palmer

Scientist bravely admits to changing his mind regarding Charles Darwin's plagiarism

Top Scientist Trevor Palmer bravely admits to changing his mind regarding Charles Darwin’s plagiarism

writes in Perilous Planet Earth Revisited, Chronology and Catastrophism Review 2018:2 (pp. 3-19):

Charles Darwin presented his theory of evolution by natural selection to the general public in 1859, in The Origin of Species. Strongly influenced by Lyell’s geological uniformitarianism, Darwin envisaged evolution taking place in a gradual, even-paced fashion, in a relatively stable environment. However, in 1831, Patrick Matthew had proposed a theory of evolution, operating within a framework of catastrophic extinctions, with essentially the same mechanism as that presented by Darwin twenty-eight years later (PPE pp. 60-71). Did Darwin take his ideas from Matthew? In PPE, p. 64, I wrote, “Darwin was out of the country until 1836 so it is likely, as he subsequently maintained, that he remained unaware of Matthew’s ideas until they were pointed out to him in 1860”.

However, Mike Sutton, a lecturer in criminology, has since carried out research which shows that several naturalists who were associates or correspondents of Darwin, including three known to have been influential in the development of his theory, had referred to Matthew’s ideas about evolution in published works, so it would seem unlikely they had not mentioned them to Darwin, particularly since Darwin’s celebrated phrase “the natural process of selection” bears a marked similarity to Matthew’s phrase, “the natural process of selection” [39].

39. M. Sutton, Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret, Vae Victus, 2017.”

The Darwin ‘Lads’: Radical Charles Darwin Superfans Heap Shame on the Scientific Community

Despite such growing support from top scholars, there is a small body of individuals, known in the scientific community as ‘The Lads’, who have sought desperately yet failed to re-bury the newly unearthed facts by way of academic misconduct,  serious harassment and malicious communications activity. I have published the disgraceful details of their behaviour on the Patrick Matthew Blog (here).



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