Why the Dundee Courier is the ideal newspaper to print the truth about Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin

– By Mike Sutton –

Today the Scottish newspaper the Dundee Courier reports on the discovery of Charles Darwin’s plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s prior-published discovery – and cites my BestThinking book that first broke the news to the World: Read the story in the Dundee Courier here   .

Mike Alexander is the first journalist I’ve encountered who actually admits it is a complex topic, which journalists need to get to grips with in order to get the “real facts” straight. He kept asking me (several emails between us and a long phone call) for loads of cast iron proof from the actual published 19th century publication record, and so I just kept on sending it. Now that’s old-school journalistic integrity. I hope Michael Alexander goes far. I expect he will.
Most Interestingly, Alexander informed me that the Dundee Courier swallowed up the old Dundee Advertiser. Notably, it was in the latter newspaper that published many of Matthew’s important letters in the 19th century.

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