Even in Democratic Societies We are not Immune from Establishment Lies and Propaganda

I expect most people living in democratic countries believe they are not vulnerable to being conditioned into ignoring proven yet painful facts and lies. If you are such a person, then let me just ask you this one telling question: “Would [...]

Top Scientists Cite Hard Evidence Charles Darwin Really was a Massive Plagiarist

This Article is by Mike Sutton (author of Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret) – Six years after the publication of Nullius in Verba, my book on Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s plagiarizing science fraud, which [...]

Charles Darwin’s Tangled Bank Job: Just More Evidence of his Science Fraud by Plagiary

– By Mike Sutton – A recent review in the Guardian newspaper    of the historian A.N. Wilson’s book on Charles Darwin points out –  quite correctly – many of Wilson’s mistakes and his failure to understand what [...]


 By Mike Sutton – Bullshit kills? Really? “Nullius in Verba”  Show me the Evidence! Last week in London, I seriously offended my hosts by insisting that the pink beef burger they served my daughter from their BBQ was [...]

Distinguished Professor of Psychology Backs Bombshell Discovery of Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s Plagiarising Science Fraud

– by Mike Sutton –   As the back cover reveals, the second edition, and first paperback of my book ‘Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret‘ is endorsed by the leading  psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths. The [...]

How useful is the concept of the smoking gun? What about lots of gun smoke alone?

– by Mike Sutton – The term “smoking gun” is generally held to mean an item of of incontrovertible incriminating evidence. My 19th edition of Brewer’s Phrase and Fable (2012. p.1253) explains: ‘The phrase [...]

Precious Irony Discovered in Science Cranks

  – By Mike Sutton – Interestingly, those who discover paradigm changing and independently verifiable new data are often portrayed by desperately biased scholars, with vested career and in-group establishment interests in the [...]

Mark Griffiths, A Leading Psychologist, Deems “Matthew Denial” an Untenable Position

– By Dr Mike Sutton –  Leading psychologist, professor Mark Griffith’s of Nottingham Trent University in England, weighs in on the hot topic of newly discovered data in the story of Charles Darwin’s (1858; 1859) replication [...]

Possibly The Most Ironic Myth Ever

– By Mike Sutton – Possibly the most #ironic    thing in the history of the world is also about iron. Just how ironic is that?   HealthWatch I am most delighted that the esteemed HealthWatch    organisation, which [...]
Edinburgh University Darwin Scholar Attacks New Facts Because They Were Discovered With Google

Uncomfortable New Facts Discovered With Google Cause Upset

– By Mike Sutton –   On Knowledge Contamination: New Data Challenges Claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s Independent Conceptions of Matthew’s Prior-Published Hypothesis    My latest peer reviewed paper on the the [...]

Why the Dundee Courier is the ideal newspaper to print the truth about Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin

– By Mike Sutton – Today the Scottish newspaper the Dundee Courier reports on the discovery of Charles Darwin’s plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s prior-published discovery – and cites my BestThinking book that [...]

Canny Failure of the English to Engage with the New Data Amounts to Anti-Scottish Discrimination in Science

– By Mike Sutton – Building on the New Data first revealed in my Best Thinking book, Nullius in Verba    and further ideas first formulated in a Best Thinking blog post in Jan 2015, my very latest peer reviewed journal article [...]

Encyclopaedia Britannica Forced by New Facts Discovered with Google to Re-Write Page on Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin

By Mike Sutton. I was  quite heartened to learn by private correspondence today that, following correspondence from Jim Dempster‘s daughter – Soula Dempster – the Encyclopaedia Britannica has entirely re-written its [...]

In a Terrible ‘State of Denial’: Revealing More Facts that are Seemingly Invisible to Darwin Scholars

 – By Dr Mike Sutton – The Day the Supposedly Obscure Writer, Patrick Matthew’s Book “Emigration Fields” was Recommended Reading Material for Captain Fitzroy of the Beagle. No less! The Year 1844. The publication: The [...]

Artist Paints Satirical Portrait as Analogy to Explain Charles Darwin’s Science Fraud

  By Mike Sutton.   This oil painting, by the Nottingham based British portrait artist Gabriel Woods, showing Darwin holding Patrick Matthew as his own child. Paying homage to religious pictures of the Virgin Mary and child, this [...]
Why Darwinists, being mostly biologists, missed the world's most powerful analogy

Why Darwinists, being mostly biologists, missed the world’s most powerful analogy

By Mike Sutton. Building a little upon the extensive work of the pioneering human transplant surgeon and Darwin expert Jim Dempster, I summarized in my book “Nullius ” what Patrick Matthew originally contributed to knowledge in 1831. [...]
Darwinists Failing in Desperate Attempts to Defend Namesake Against New Data

Darwinists Failing in Desperate Attempts to Defend Namesake Against New Data

    By Mike Sutton.   Since August 2104, following the publication of my e-book Nullius in Verba , I have been presented with a number of attempted defenses against newly discovered data. The New Data proves that Darwin’s [...]
Evidence Shows Darwin Plagiarized Matthew's Prior Discovery of Natural Selection

Evidence Shows Darwin Plagiarized Prior Discovery of Natural Selection

By Mike Sutton. In 2010, Professor Richard Dawkins – the leading Darwinist expert on evolution by natural selection  –  wrote that Patrick Matthew was in 1831 the first person to publish the full hypothesis of natural selection. [...]

World’s Greatest Science Fraud: Darwin and Wallace newly proven to have plagiarised theory of natural slection

  By Mike Sutton.   Just as new DNA analysis is changing traditional forensic science I recently pioneered the use of newly available “big data” analysis of the literature to expose the world’s greatest science fraud. The [...]