Ethiopia’s Political Turmoil Worsening: Threatening Regional Security

By Betre Y. Getahun Political turmoil, ethnic tension and conflict have continued to engulf east Africa’s most populous nation, Ethiopia. The country is now on brink of an all-out civil war which could affect the whole region. Despite increasing [...]

Ethiopia in the Grip of Drought and Hunger

Hassen, a father of 4, lives in a small village located in Halydege (Amibara), Afar region of Ethiopia. The area was one of the few grazing lands in the drought-prone region where raising livestock is a principal source of income and livelihood. [...]

Police Brutally Attack Peaceful Protesters in Addis Ababa ahead of National Election

By Betre Yacob.   Police brutally attacked and dispersed peaceful demonstrators in the capital Addis Ababa on Sunday as they try to protest against the ongoing government repression on opposition political parties and dissents in run-up [...]

Family Urges Norway to take action for the release of Okello Ochalla

By Betre Yacob.   The family of a Norwegian citizen of Ethiopian origin detained by the Ethiopian Government has urged the Norwegian authorities to exert pressure for his safety and fair trial. Okello Ochalla was seized in South Sudan [...]

Ethiopian journalist Died in Exile

By Betre Yacob.  A prominent Ethiopian journalist, Million Shurube, died in  Nairobi, Kenya, where he had been in exile since  September 2014.  Million, father of a son, passed away on 13, October 2014  at Kenyata hospital at the age [...]

Ethiopian Embassy Staff Fires on Human Right Activists

By Betre Yacob An armed staff of Ethiopian embassy in Washington D.C. fired on human right activists protesting against the deteriorating human right situation of the country within the establishment of the embassy yesterday afternoon. Police [...]

Independent Publications in the Face of Grave Threat in Ethiopia

By Betre Yacob The Ethiopian authorities are once again moving to pass another legislation which would completely paralyze the last remaining independent publications circulating in the country. The legislation is expected to come into force [...]

Independent Magazine in Ethiopia Shut Down

By Betre Yacob.  One of the few independent Ethiopian magazines, Ebony, has been shut down  after 6 years of publishing, putting many full-time and part-time workers out  of a job. Tessema Dessalgn, the shear holder and editor in chief [...]
Ethiopian Journalists Forum (EJF) warns leaders of three Journalists Associations

Ethiopian Journalists Forum (EJF) warns leaders of three Journalists Associations

By Betre Yacob.  Ethiopian Journalists Forum (EJF), the newly established journalists  association in Ethiopia, warned leaders of three journalists associations  operating in the country. In a statement issued yesterday, the association [...]

Egypt’s New Diplomatic Campaign against Ethiopia

    By Betre Yacob. Egypt has begun a new diplomatic campaign against the multi billion dollar dam Ethiopia is constructing over the blue Nile, as Ethiopians are preparing to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of the project. The [...]
New Journalist Association Established in Ethiopia

New Journalist Association Established in Ethiopia

By Betre Yacob.  Ethiopian journalists have successfully established a new nation-wide non partisan and independent professional association, which is unique of its kind. The first general assembly meeting of the association was colourfully [...]

Mass Grave Discovered in Addis Ababa

By Betre Yacob A mass grave has been discovered in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, containing at least 6 bodies of young men, who may have been executed in the past few years. The identities of the bodies are still remained unclear. The [...]

Imprisoned Ethiopian Journalist Denied a Medical Treatment

By Betre Yacob. An Ethiopian Journalist Woubshet Taye, who is serving his sentence in Kality Prison in Addis Ababa, is being denied a Medical Treatment. He is suffering from severe renal calculus (kidney stone). Woubshet Taye is among a number [...]

Brutal African Leaders to ‘Kill Off’ the International Criminal Court (ICC)

By Betre Yacob Since the beginning of October, the international criminal court (ICC) based in the Hague has been a very emotionally enthused discussion agenda in Africa. Disappointed with the development made by African leaders to withdraw [...]
A Shocking Tragedy Behind Human Trafficking in Ethiopia: One Woman's Horrific Story

A Shocking Tragedy Behind Human Trafficking in Ethiopia: One Woman’s Horrific Story

By Betre Yacob. Metema-Galabat, a ‘desert rout’ of human trafficking from Ethiopia to Sudan, is a place of suffering for many Ethiopian girls. Physical and emotional abuse, including rape, torture, starvation, imprisonment, threats, beatings, [...]

Three Ethiopian Journalists Injured in Car Accident

By Betre Yacob Three Ethiopian journalists working for an independent Newspaper, Ethio-Mihdar, experienced a vehicle accident on Wednesday, October 30, in Hawassa, a town in the southern part of Ethiopia.  The accident left Ephram Beyene, [...]

International Commission of Jurists (ICJ): Ethiopian Leaders to Face a Trial for Genocide

By Betre Yacob. The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) reported to have begun to work to bring Ethiopian authorities to justice for having committed a genocide in the Ogaden region. The International Commission of Jurists is a known [...]
A Journalist kidnapped, Threatened, and Beaten by Intelligence and Security Agents in Ethiopia

A Journalist kidnapped, Threatened, and Beaten by Intelligence and Security Agents in Ethiopia

By Betre Yacob. The Ethiopian journalist Bisrat Woldemichael was kidnapped, threatened, humiliated, and beaten by the Ethiopian intelligence and security agents on 28 August, 2013. He has reported this incident today to journalists. Bisrat [...]
Ethiopians calling for Protest

Ethiopians calling for Protest

By Betre Yacob. The Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ), the most important opposition political party working under the narrowest political landscape in Ethiopia, in collaboration with other 33 opposition political parties is calling [...]
The Heroic Ethiopian Journalist Eskinder Nega

The Heroic Ethiopian Journalist Eskinder Nega

By Betre Yacob. Ethiopian prominent Journalist and blogger Eskinder Naga is one of those who have been arrested, interrogated, and threatened in Ethiopia, for exercising freedom of expression. He is currently serving his jail sentence in Kality, [...]