The Royal Society has Deliberately Plagiarised Important Research!

– Story by Dr Mike Sutton (criminologist and discoverer) – The world famous microscopist and influencer on science Brain J Ford reveals exactly how the very centre of the scientific establishment, the Royal Society, has plagiarised [...]

Distinguished Professor of Psychology Backs Bombshell Discovery of Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s Plagiarising Science Fraud

– by Mike Sutton –   As the back cover reveals, the second edition, and first paperback of my book ‘Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret‘ is endorsed by the leading  psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths. The [...]

World’s Greatest Science Fraud: Darwin and Wallace newly proven to have plagiarised theory of natural slection

  By Mike Sutton.   Just as new DNA analysis is changing traditional forensic science I recently pioneered the use of newly available “big data” analysis of the literature to expose the world’s greatest science fraud. The [...]