Even in Democratic Societies We are not Immune from Establishment Lies and Propaganda

I expect most people living in democratic countries believe they are not vulnerable to being conditioned into ignoring proven yet painful facts and lies. If you are such a person, then let me just ask you this one telling question: “Would [...]

Charles Darwin’s Science Fraud: Is it true, a myth or something in-between?

– By Mike Sutton – On Darwin Day 12 February 2022 the science publisher Curtis Press released my latest book “Science Fraud: Darwin’s plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s theory” [...]

The Royal Society has Deliberately Plagiarised Important Research!

– Story by Dr Mike Sutton (criminologist and discoverer) – The world famous microscopist and influencer on science Brain J Ford reveals exactly how the very centre of the scientific establishment, the Royal Society, has plagiarised [...]

Darwin’s Racism by Leon Zitzer

– A Book Review by Mike Sutton – I suspect this excellent book will not be read by the army of authoritarian credulous, independently verifiable fact denial, Darwin worshippers who exist in a blissful total state of denial about [...]

Top Scientists Cite Hard Evidence Charles Darwin Really was a Massive Plagiarist

This Article is by Mike Sutton (author of Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret) – Six years after the publication of Nullius in Verba, my book on Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s plagiarizing science fraud, which [...]

Charles Darwin’s Tangled Bank Job: Just More Evidence of his Science Fraud by Plagiary

– By Mike Sutton – A recent review in the Guardian newspaper    of the historian A.N. Wilson’s book on Charles Darwin points out –  quite correctly – many of Wilson’s mistakes and his failure to understand what [...]
Scotland Independence Referendum 2.0?

Scots finally take stand against discovery theft by English plagiarist Charles Darwin

The Darwinite dogs may bark but the train rolls on – Article by Mike Sutton – With National Heritage Lottery funding, the Scots are building a Patrick Matthew heritage trail in Scotland. Moreover, in September there will be a week [...]

Possibly The Most Ironic Myth Ever

– By Mike Sutton – Possibly the most #ironic    thing in the history of the world is also about iron. Just how ironic is that?   HealthWatch I am most delighted that the esteemed HealthWatch    organisation, which [...]

Interestingly or not, As the Case May Be, Expert Darwin Advisor Resigns Following New Revelations of Darwin’s Proven Lies

– By Mike Sutton – The peer reviewed article in question is here: http://www.nauka-a-religia.uz.zgora.pl/images/FAG/2015.t.12/art.05.pdf    So for the history of science record, the known public facts of the matter are simply [...]
Edinburgh University Darwin Scholar Attacks New Facts Because They Were Discovered With Google

Uncomfortable New Facts Discovered With Google Cause Upset

– By Mike Sutton –   On Knowledge Contamination: New Data Challenges Claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s Independent Conceptions of Matthew’s Prior-Published Hypothesis    My latest peer reviewed paper on the the [...]

Canny Failure of the English to Engage with the New Data Amounts to Anti-Scottish Discrimination in Science

– By Mike Sutton – Building on the New Data first revealed in my Best Thinking book, Nullius in Verba    and further ideas first formulated in a Best Thinking blog post in Jan 2015, my very latest peer reviewed journal article [...]

Shocking Fact: Wikipedia Administrators in Disgraceful Revisionist Cover-up of Darwin’s Lies About Matthew

By Mike Sutton.   In this blog post, I stand boldly in the field to ask Wikipedia to explain why, when it is forever fund-begging form the general public, it pays administrators to hide behind pseudonyms to gleefully and systematically [...]
Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin's 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People

Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin’s 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People

By Mike Sutton. One day, Scotland will have Patrick Matthew on the back of it’s £10 note. So as not to face their significance, people may not fully engaged with dreadful facts. The range of denial devices used by those in [...]

In a Terrible ‘State of Denial’: Revealing More Facts that are Seemingly Invisible to Darwin Scholars

 – By Dr Mike Sutton – The Day the Supposedly Obscure Writer, Patrick Matthew’s Book “Emigration Fields” was Recommended Reading Material for Captain Fitzroy of the Beagle. No less! The Year 1844. The publication: The [...]

A 19th Century ‘Garden Plot’ Thickens: Botanist John Lindley’s Somewhat Suspicious Involvement in a Failed Claim to Priority

 – BY MIKE SUTTON – Introduction Readers of my book Nullius (Sutton 2014) and my prolific blog posts on the story of Patrick Matthew, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, know the story of how Matthew most probably influenced [...]
Patrick Matthew

The Greatest Cover-Up in the History of Science Exposed by Unique Discovery of New Hard Independently Verifiable Data

By Mike Sutton   For the background story to this painting, visit Gabriel Woods and Matthew Art   . What has been newly discovered in Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret    that changes everything we thought we knew [...]

Historic Tweet Tells World Unmarked Grave of Scottish Science Hero Patrick Matthew is Finally Discovered

By Mike Sutton   It has long been known that the Scot, Patrick Matthew, the only true originator of the theory of natural selection, was buried in what is now an unmarked grave in Errol Churchyard in the Carse of Gowrie, Scotland.  However, [...]

Artist Paints Satirical Portrait as Analogy to Explain Charles Darwin’s Science Fraud

  By Mike Sutton.   This oil painting, by the Nottingham based British portrait artist Gabriel Woods, showing Darwin holding Patrick Matthew as his own child. Paying homage to religious pictures of the Virgin Mary and child, this [...]

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth

By Mike Sutton.   A supermyth is a myth about a myth, where the second myth is created in an apparent atmosphere of concern to veraciously bust the first myth. What makes supermyths so powerful is that they appear all the more plausible [...]
Darwinists Failing in Desperate Attempts to Defend Namesake Against New Data

Darwinists Failing in Desperate Attempts to Defend Namesake Against New Data

    By Mike Sutton.   Since August 2104, following the publication of my e-book Nullius in Verba , I have been presented with a number of attempted defenses against newly discovered data. The New Data proves that Darwin’s [...]