Criminologist Calls For the FBI to Investgate Wikipedia

 – By Dr Mike Sutton (criminologist) – I am relieved to learn that my prior observations (see also Sutton 2016) that Wikipedia’s paid personal agenda editors are operating throughout the entire Wikipedia encyclopaedia to [...]
Antidarwinism in 2009 and the evolution of this concept

Is Wikipedia Orwell’s 1984 Newspeak Dictionary?: A proof in the Spanish entry dedicated to Antidarwinism in 2009 and the evolution of this concept 

  – A guest article presented by Mike Sutton –  The following article is written by Emilio Cervantes (IRNASA-CSIC. Salamanca Spain) I was asked to assist in getting this information into the public domain so that it might [...]

Follow the Data: Wikipedia is being run by a weird cult called “Wikipedia Editors”

– By Mike Sutton – Readers of my research might know I have a rather long-term issue with the fact that a number of Wikipedia editors are actively and “tautologically” engaged in their own pseudo-scholarly personal [...]

Shocking Fact: Wikipedia Administrators in Disgraceful Revisionist Cover-up of Darwin’s Lies About Matthew

By Mike Sutton.   In this blog post, I stand boldly in the field to ask Wikipedia to explain why, when it is forever fund-begging form the general public, it pays administrators to hide behind pseudonyms to gleefully and systematically [...]