A new ethnic war is coming: Everyone vs black America

By Jaime Ortega.



Minorities in America dislike blacks

In the start of 2015 I did a survey interested in what other minorities thought of black Americans compared to other newly integrated ethnic groups, and bellow the results gathered after an extensive 3 month research project. The idea was to understand which minority was most disliked out of all minorities in the US.  (American Caucasians were not included on the study)

Rank of minorities disliked by other ethnic groups:

Black Americans ranked number one, Muslims ranked number two, and Jews and Asians number three.

Percentage of minorities that dislike black American compared with other minorities:

Bellow the percentage of ethnic groups that dislike Black Americans compared to other ethnic groups. The remnant of the percentages bellow, are split between disliking Arabs, Jews, and Asians.

89% Mexican & central-Americans (Includes Guatemalans, Salvadorians and Hondurans)

85% Asian-Americans (Mostly includes Chinese, Turkish, Koreans, Filipinos, Vietnamese and Thai’s)

81% Native-Americans

63% Arab Americans/ Middle Easterners (Mostly Jordanians, Palestinians and Lebanese)

70% Persians-Americans

81% Paki-Indian (Includes Afghans and Kazakhs)

74% Africans (Includes Ethiopians, Somalians, Eritreans, Ghana, Nigerians, Libyans, Moroccans and Algerians)

87% Eastern European (includes Russians and Ukrainians)

91% Latino (mostly South Americans)

79% Caribbean Americans (Includes Cubans, Puerto Rican’s and Jamaicans)

70% others (includes Oceania and other smaller countries)


Understanding the results

The results show the startling reality of a problematic stereotype that seems to have damaged the reputation of blacks America across the nation. The main reasons why minorities disliked black Americans involved labels like, “problematical, social agitators, thieves, lazy people, perpetrators, violence instigators, racist…etc.”

Based on several interviews, restaurant and business owners agreed that blacks are “their worst costumers” always trying to “get a free meal” or “come up with new ways to not pay for their food.” Others implied other derogatory terms, and were angry at the fact that democracy allows black culture to flourish unpunished. Most people declared that “they weren’t racist” but believed that “they didn’t like the attitude of blacks in America.” It was clear that new American-minorities dislike black Americans and are vocal about it. They also welcomed, “more police patrols in their area to stiffen security” — especially those living side by side with blacks.

The problem with these results, is that eventually minorities will replace the traditionally-white US middle-class, and by 2050 according to some statistics, Latinos and Asians will probably have greater power and larger population numbers to demand change. How will they treat American blacks? Will they be harsher? It doesn’t look promising — black communities need to wake up.


Let’s get real

Black Lives Matter, is the most stupid movement I have ever seen and probably one of the dumbest causes I have ever read. Mainstream western media has maliciously used this black movement to stir controversy where it doesn’t exist. Black Lives Matter is the offspring of Occupy Wall Street; it’s the same mask with different paint. Unlike their minions, the leaders of BLM and OWS are highly educated college people, who use the ignorance of others to expand their political crusade. They’re a mixture of Anarcho-Syndicalist, Communist, Trotsky’s, Marxist, Bolivarian, Miniarchist and extreme socialist that envy individual success in a free market driven economy where hard work and sacrifice contribute to a better lifestyle. BLM and OWS are totalitarian-progressive reformist that have joined the Democratic Party –even though they oppose its values— because they have no other party to run too, that will grant support for their revolutionary ideals. Unlike liberals, these new forms of progressives don’t believe in a free market economy driven by competition; instead they believe in a barter-trade economy, the rise of the proletariat, social globalism, anti-elitism and disregard as unfair the individual accomplishment of lawyers, neuro-surgeons, basketball superstars, engineers etc.; their Bolshevik like revolutionary dogma implies social justice without constitutional rights and courts of law. They believe it’s the responsibility of the wealthy to share their goods with the bottom end of the scale, not according to work, but privilege. They highly oppose the constitution and unlike their predecessors in the late 60’s, these incumbents are totally against nationalism which they refer as ‘fascism’ — something categorially absurd and erroneous — blaming military interventionism as treason against global peace and humanity, and not as a necessary evil to protect national and international interest against unstable and constant fluctuating forces that violate international law. They not only oppose the government, but wrongly target the military with provocative language and threats. They believe in a Walt Disney like planet, where lions sip tea and dance with gazelles while they all sing holding hands – a childish fairy tale.

In their view, ISIS is the creation of secret American cults run by Zionist, instead of inexperienced geo-political mistakes committed by clumsy leadership –nothing new in military history — as errors will continue as humanity exist.  In their view, elites and sovereign leaders never commit mistakes. Their world runs along plans and plots schemed by powerful men destined to dominate the status-quo. If accidentally the banana peel drops from the trash bag, it’s not because one was unconsciously careless, it is because a mastermind was consciously planning a secret move— so goes the logic of conspiracy theorist. Many American blacks have joined these anti-constitutional ideologist, without adequate political comprehension.  Ignorant people follow anarchism, and the wealthy who back such political deviant movements, don’t really understand the side effects of such groups until they live under a nation run by these counterculture revolutionary dogmas that tend to adopt a totalitarian state run government.

Groups like BLM and OWS seem to forget or brush off, that during the American Civil War, men died in order to help and support black freedom. They also forget that only 14% of whites had slaves — is that mean 86% were guilty of racism? They also forget black freemen despite having a smaller population number compared to whites also owned slaves. They also forget that slavery itself was not racist, racism bloomed in 1961 thanks to Charles Darwin’s book: The Origin of Species which gave a powerful minority of southern slave owners a scientific reason to continue with slavery, as blacks according to Darwin himself were a subspecies of human. Yet many southerners fought against the Union, not based on racism and slavery, but because they were about to lose entire swaths of land to the demands of Abraham Lincoln — the consequences of ending slavery was the southern cotton crop fiasco that destabilized their economy. Mainstream Historians also forget to include black revolutionaries and heroes that fought along the Confederacy and the Union; historians make all black victims, but they never consider the blacks who fought in the name of the south and northern states, who were highly influential in the American Civil war.  They also forget that United States, unlike other European powers, allowed for black freemen to travel back to Africa — which is why Liberia exist today –and thanks to the US it was the second fastest growing country in the world in 1950. Liberia suffered from ethnic compulsion, local African tribes fought against the newly integrated Americo-Liberians, who decided not to mix with the local population and instead retain their American customs. Liberia suffered two civil wars and military coups. And if one reads history carefully, it is crystal clear that the US has helped American blacks more than any other nation in history. No nation is perfect, to say the opposite is absurd and unhistorical. Every nation has blood on their hands! Now that we revisited the past, let’s get back inside the DeLorean — McFly will takes us to the present!


Blacks need to wake up from slumber

The American black communities need to wake up and start taking responsibility for their actions before it starts an unnecessary ethnic war that they won’t win.  A significant percentage of black youths have become victims of passive behavior and failed to acknowledge their significant advantage compared to third world countries — which unlike them— have absolutely no resources and funding to move forward. It is inconceivable that immigrants migrating to America from Somalia, Kosovo, Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico —starting from scratch– can pull their life back together and black youths, who are fully integrated US citizens cannot move forward. Blacks have failed to adapt to a wide range of opportunities granted over the years by political transitional reforms destined to help minorities obtain a free education in the US. The attitude of black communities across the nation toward white privilege today is completely wrong, false and mislead.

It is a total slap on the face to the millions of US taxpayers that work and struggle –verily providing for their own – supporting welfare through fiscal policy helping inject capital inside low income areas across the nation that benefit black communities. No matter the ethnic background, the average American struggles to compete with the never ending and demanding pace of global markets, being easily replaced on almost every sector by highly skillful immigrants who are hungry to succeed and work hard. It is impossible for black America as an ethnic group to compete and succeed with their current attitude because they set their standards with low expectations.

Why buy a two dollar educational book in a thrift store and invest in the future, when it is cooler to purchase a brand new pair of Jordan’s? Most blacks buy themselves back to poverty and don’t want to save their money. Why spend time in the free local library? When it is easier to loot stores and join the local gang. Why earn a modest living the legal way, when it is easier to steal and pimp? Makes sense! So let’s blame the government, the white man, the police officer, the dog and the cat for losing common sense.


Black youths hi-jacked the civil rights movement

The majority of black youths today, have absolutely no excuse to fail the academic system and live under perpetual poverty. The black youths today have somewhat hi-jacked the Civil Right movement of the 60’s to accommodate their absurd racial rhetoric, blaming whites for their own personal mistakes. A significant percentage of black youths are fake and racist toward whites and other minorities, they have no high moral regard toward life and are the culprit of their own victimization. They constantly pull race baits, pointing how whites owe blacks and apology for slavery — which occurred well over 150 years ago –something they never experienced.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought courageously to help black America reach equal opportunities during the 60’s, an epoch where civil unrest and riots broke out based on social discrimination against minorities. The Civil Rights movement brought the support of millions of Americans who united to help blacks achieve equal rights and abolish Jim Crow laws and racial segregation. Segregation continued for a few more decades, but in the early 80’s, integration thrived rapidly and spread across larger metropolitan and suburban areas allowing interracial marriages to become a normal part of society. We no longer live in that epoch of ethnic discrimination.  Unlike the past where segregation was caused by ethnic divisions, today integration is the result of financial prosperity, and segregation is geographically based on classicism and income inequality. Anyone can achieve financial prosperity if he/she works hard, saves money and is success driven. The US is a capitalist society that over the century has become classicist akin South Korea and Japan – China has become the newest form of neo-capitalism and classicism —Europe is also slowly adapting social-globalization.

But in contrast with the generation of Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., the black youths today glorify slavery and revive the past even though they never lived in that epoch or struggled like their ancestors. They pull their pants down and call it sagging; they call each other ‘niggah’ and call women ‘b#tches’ and ‘Hoes’. Unlike the 60’s where blacks worked extremely hard to make a modest living, this new generation seeks the fruits of welfare, adamant for change that involves personal responsibility and accountability. Unlike the 50’s where blacks had a remarkable and efficient working class, this new generation of blacks lacks ethics and proper education having significantly more opportunities than their predecessors. They would rather not work at all, than to work in construction and get dirty; they feel entitled to get the best jobs, having no skills. This generation wants anarchy and despises capitalism, they blame the government but don’t bare responsibility for their actions. Today is all about privilege without hard work.  White youths also experience the same problem, but thus far they haven’t showed the per-capita violence level experienced in black communities across the nation.

The introduction of illegal narcotics severely ravaged black communities in the early 70’s, which instead of launching an aggressive parental campaign to stop youngsters from consuming drugs, they directly or indirectly embraced the hippy culture and their social revolutionary stance. Illegal narcotic usage also took a huge hit in white middle class communities, and it has only gotten worst ever since it was first introduced, to the point we might legalize cocaine one day. The Civil Rights movement never foresaw the imminent drug epidemic that ended up engulfing black communities.  Black traditionalism died and has been replaced by a highly depraved contra-culture — that despite their denial — only focuses on material gain without work ethic, and reform without accountability.

It’s hard to picture Martin Luther King Jr. or even Malcolm X dancing to the Wu-Tang-Clan or Lil Wayne; the lyrics and violence that embrace rap culture is only a reflection of the moral decadence that black America has experienced over the end of the century. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X would have spit on the customs that represent black culture today, a generation who not only take opportunities for granted, but have created an auto destructive environment which only the mentally strong can escape.

My heart goes out to all the American blacks who work hard and make a modest living to survive. Hard workers who fight to get a college degree or look for ways to escape the quagmire that seems to worsen over the years. As I will explain in my point bellow, such hard working renegades of the predominantly black progressive contra-culture, experience seclusion within their own community –such division has started to grow.


Martin Luther King Jr. an Uncle Tom!

Furthermore, social discrimination exist inside black communities which view successful black men and black woman with envy. In fact, black men and woman who speak proper English without a ghetto accent are categorized as ‘whites’ and not blacks. The evident discrimination against black men who follow the system to achieve success, only testifies of the hypocrisy of the black community. Blacks who ridicule the idea that whites and Mexicans are the cause of black poverty are labelled by their own community as ‘Uncle Toms’ and ‘Uncle Rawkus’ among other hurtful derogatory terms.  When black men decide to stand up and not join gangs or engage in criminal activity, they’re mentally abused and basically left behind as weak and feeble by other members of their community, who continue an auto-destructive path that keeps blemishing their reputation among other ethnic groups. Black communities also discriminate against homosexual, transsexual’s and lesbian couples. Beating and abusing homosexuals and transsexuals is common practice in black communities. But where is the liberal media? The liberal media has completely abandoned and betrayed blacks who are desperately trying to change their culture and earn a modest living, who are not afraid to speak-out in public against their own communities. The media instead focuses on cop versus black criminal cases, and avoid to stand up against black crime. Like I said above, going by present black progressive standards, Martin Luther King Jr. would be considered an ‘Uncle Tom’.


Progressivism is the drug of black choice

It is the liberal mindset that has completely disintegrated the strong moral values of black America. From excusing violence to accusing police enforcement, to denying high crime statistics; leftist propaganda has exacerbated the decline of ignorant black Americans who imagine a world where slavery and lynches still exist — an imaginary world where whites plot against blacks, just alike the imaginary world of the extreme progressives, where the government secretly schemes a New World Order to destroy the world. These extreme progressives claim to be against Christianity, and yet ironically, a majority believe in a one world leader or government which originated in Bible prophecy.

Former president Lyndon Johnson, once stated “I’ll have those n#ggers voting democratic for the next 200 years” as Allen West once quoted on his blog. Most blacks in America have been subordinates of the democratic wing, spoon fed by the left to believe that they can’t achieve financial prosperity without government support and political orders. Most black liberals don’t fully comprehend the extent in which the left has used their historical struggle to hi-jack their cause in favor of minority votes. The civil rights movement during Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy’s administration became the sledge hammer and signature stamp to drive-in support from blacks in America – and it worked perfectly.

With that said, even though the left is partly responsible for adopting an irresponsible policy in black communities, the ultimate blame falls on blacks who vote democratic. No one forces any voter to vote for any party. I don’t believe that my leftist colleagues have bad intentions; in fact, I believe they fight a just and loyal cause that at times has indeed helped the black-community prosper, but black communities are so addicted to the concessions of the left, that they have become lost junkies without liberal support. Liberals gave birth to progressives, progressives gave birth to extreme leftist and counter revolutionary dogmas; two different mindsets inside the same democratic cocoon that will eventually annihilate each other, like recently observed with Hillary vs Sanders.


Everyone vs blacks

Relations between blacks and other ethnic groups have gone increasingly sour over the decade. Social media has become the real unfiltered gateway to show ethnic frustration against blacks. Blacks accuse whites of racism, and whites and minorities accuse blacks of violence and crime. Racism has reached a new frontier that has propagated rapidly in social media, and it will spill in the form of physical violence sooner or later. I am not talking about law enforcement vs blacks, I am taking about everyone vs blacks. As stated above, minorities will participate in this racial war and they will fight against blacks.

Mark my words, minorities in the future will grow rapidly and influence the political spectrum. Democrats will eventually abandon black support and cater to new ethnic groups, that don’t suffer from victimization and crime waves. For now, blacks can play the race game with Caucasians and get away with it, but it won’t work well against other minorities in the future —particularly Asians and Mexicans –they have no tolerance for black attitude and they will be harsh.

The extreme and moderate progressives will also abandon American blacks. Every time a black thug beats up a white hipster based on street toughness and disrespect, he is losing a powerful ally. Hipsters might be political quacks, but they are harmless. Many social media videos show how racially motivated black thugs beat up white kids over stupid arguments that didn’t need to revolve in physical violence. Youtube is loaded with such incidents that involve black thugs attacking white kids, who’re scared to fight and defend themselves. These white educated pampered hipsters support black activism, but don’t understand street justice and ghetto culture, so when they’re assaulted, robbed or beat up — everything changes and they no longer support blacks. Many OWS protesters, have not shown up to protest alongside BLM protesters. They are both from the extreme left, but don’t have each others back. Many white progressives have started to abandon blacks because the black community has failed to control thug culture and denied its influence, which is significantly larger and more influential than black activist progressive movements like BLM.

I highly suspect, that uneducated blacks feel cornered in a narrative that doesn’t exist; in other words, black youths have been brainwashed entitled to continue to excuse crime and violence behavior. They believe that white people are the cause of all their troubles, and it plays into a larger conspiracy to enslave their community. We have recently witness how black-lone-wolves have started to murder police officers based on self-justice, but soon enough, it will translate into killing white civilians to revenge the deaths of blacks. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Jonathan Ferrell, etc, are martyrs inside the black community, whereas most ethnic groups considered them lowlife criminals. Many black activist have threaten to start using violence if the government fails to acknowledge their demands. After the death of Sylville Smith, his sister Sherelle, spoke up and toll rioters to go to “the white suburbs and burn that shit down”, in response thousands of business owners in Milwaukee, grabbed their guns and posted signs that read “You loot, we shoot.” Sooner or later, a black rioter will target a white family, and people will witness a racial war that will end up bad for blacks.

In the end of the day, as opposed to the 60s, the new racial divide is not based on skin color but stereotype. It is the responsibility of the black community to live in harmony with other ethnic groups and eliminate or at least diminish the stereotype. Most blacks are labelled as criminals and trouble makers, and unless they don’t seriously reform their communities, everyone is going to turn against them at once—even the liberals—no exceptions. Doesn’t matter the ethnicity, we all hate crime and will unify against chaos. In the end, blacks will change either by self-determination or force. Hopefully, the latter is not necessary, but I am afraid it will happen and blacks will have it harder than ever before. It is time for blacks to wake-up and take responsibility! Eliminate the thug culture which is destroying your communities and take advantage of every small opportunity because there is no excuse to fail.

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