Hillary Clinton Is Faker Than Online News


By Jaime Ortega.



As a journalist who predicted Donald Trump’s presidential bid, I find it inconceivable and outright stupid that Hillary Clinton would make the outrageous claim, “fake news is a growing problem which we know now can affect elections and it needs to be stopped in the name of democracy.”

In this piece, I won’t hide my anger toward a women who publicly acts like Mary Poppins but slithers her tongue in private like a snake. Hillary and the word democracy should never be put on the same sentence. Hillary is more fake than any fake news that circulated during the 2016 elections. Hillary, John Podesta and comrade George Soros bribed and bagged CNN, The New York Times, Fortune, Politico, ABC, CBS, NBC, Times, Washington Post and MSNbc among other networks to help aid her political crusade as Wilkileaks emails showed. Hillary uses democracy as a Guinea-Pig to achieve her own political interest, withholding public demand in exchange of courting Wall Street’s favoritism.

Fake news circulating on the web are no different than editorial censorship and fake information biasedly reported by mainstream media outlets to influence public opinion. The Clinton News Network is the epithet of ‘fake news’ and ‘bias liberal media coverage’. As a defender of public integrity – taking out the ‘basked of deplorables and basement dwellers’ comments – shouldn’t Hillary also publicly state the obvious? That liberal mainstream media networks kissed her behind, and made up fake polls to deceive millions of voters who thought Hillary was comfortably ahead of Trump? That wasn’t fake right? Mainstream media manipulation on public opinion is disgusting because unlike Independent News Networks owned by small fries, larger networks spend their unlimited resources trying to endorse Hillary at any cost possible – even at the expense of journalism itself.

It is comical how Hillary’s subordinates continue to deceitfully accuse Russia for election tampering, but fail to mention how her foundation received big money from foreign donors as US Secretary of State. It is also funny how they accuse the Kremlin for hacking her foundation and the DNC, but fail to accuse other countries like China, Iran, Egypt or North Korea which also dislike US foreign policy. The Director of National Intelligence is fully aware that Russia is only one of many countries which regularly breach US Government servers – the fact that other countries are not mentioned by Hillary pundits should automatically raise questions. The fact China or Iran are not suspects of hacking the DNC or Clinton’s Foundation, might be a clear indicator that Hillary secretly dispatches negotiations with both countries and doesn’t want to alter the friendship by accusing them —- despite clear evidence from the CIA of their constant cybersecurity attacks. I find it odd, Russia is mentioned by the mainstream media as the only hacking source.

When Project Veritas uncovered how Democracy Partners instigated and provoked riots inside Trump’s rally in Chicago to stir controversy and media attention against his campaign, the Clinton News Network questioned more the journalist credentials of filmmaker James O’Kefee, than the undeniable fact which proved how the DNC backed and serviced such crooked organization to create hysteria and blame Trump supporters. The DNC, should be investigated for co-sponsoring fake riots in the streets to drive off Trump supporters to vote for Hillary. Hillary is such master of peace and harmony that she was responsible for continuing the Neo-Conservative occupation policy firstly introduced by Ronald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney during the Bush Administration, which ultimately destroyed the balance of power in the Middle East — Syria and Libya surely thank Ms. Clinton.

Hillary is so fake that her close colleagues played the DNC against Bernie Sanders to oppose his socialist revolution. Not only was it done behind his back – backstabbers are a special breed of people – but it took Wikileaks to uncover the whole truth. Then after the underserved preliminary victory, Hillary had the guts to use his reforms – which surely presented anti-capitalist and anti-globalist agendas– to win the confidence of millennials, sick and tired of Wall-Street; the same rich powerful and gluttonous big fat bankers and corporate institutions that Hillary recently invited to a “thank you” party. She partied with her Wall Street donors, and not with the poor unemployed millennials who sent her money — typical hypocrite politician.

Hillary, used women rights to self-satisfy her vindictive agenda to win the hearts and souls of feminist who have no clue about politics, finance or global affairs – and view the world one-dimensionally focused primarily on women issues. Then if that wasn’t enough, Hillary silenced all the women who slept with Bill Clinton to ensure it wouldn’t damage her political campaign among the watchful eyes of other progressive feminist. Hillary supports women rights? So why does she support Muslim countries that brutally beat and spay women? Or why does she support Chinese corporate donations? When these exploit women and children in factories? – Women who work ten times harder than Hillary, and verily make a penny to survive! Meanwhile, Hillary probably has ‘house maids’ and ‘house servants’ who degrade themselves as women to satisfy her lust for luxury? She has enough courage to ask for women votes? If she was truly for women rights, she wouldn’t have women maids and servants working under her — either as First Lady in the White House, or her majestic mansion. You cannot publicly support women rights, and have maids and servants washing your dishes and cleaning up your dirt!

Hillary says, she woefully supports LGBT rights. But how can one support countries that publicly execute Lesbians, Homosexuals and burn transgender men and women without remorse and openly claim to defend LGBT communities? Every time, Hillary shakes the hand of Muslim Salafist leaders or hugs a sheik, she admits to her hypocrisy; in the Middle East those rulers and religious authorities have no pity when they behead women, lesbians, homosexuals and transgender men and women. Those handshakes aren’t fake either right? So political agendas can be fake – as her “private discourse is different than public discourse” according to one of her leaked emails – but she plans to only persecute fake news instead of fake politicians? This woman is an absolute mogul and any derogatory word used against her is fair game.

She is so fake, that instead of fully accepting the results and embracing the new president, Hillary decided to initiate a vote recount started by Jill Stein to challenge the elections – wishing for controversy to go her way, she miserably failed. She then accused Trump in one of the presidential debates for questioning the election results in case she became president of the United States. Now, she has created an unnecessary vacuum where elections will be contested by future losing candidates.

To end my rant, I would like to conclude that before we prosecute and regulate fake news on the internet, I expect the government to prosecute and also regulate fake politicians. Hillary has shown to be the biggest crybaby I’ve ever witnessed in US politics, and an evil one also!


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