Military Power Overruns Financial and Political Conspiracies


By Jaime Ortega.


One of the errors of modern day conspiracy theorist is that it overrates the power of government and depreciate the historical influence military wields on sovereign nations. The argument goes, wealth alone is the determinant factor that controls the security and stability of any country. Without wealth how can we buy Tanks? Pay our military? Help businesses expand? Develop more nuclear weapons? Sponsor research? – And so goes the theory.

According to conventional wisdom, the lifespan of the military apparatus depends exclusively on the nation’s wealth — and it’s an unnegotiable bond. Yet, the conventional theory misses one crucial point hard to dismiss, that is, western conspiracies only follow the model of western democracy to predict economic cycles: democracy is just one of many ancient systems of government that have existed throughout millennia. Monarchies, theocracies, republics, totalitarian/autocratic states and ancient aristocratic states happen to be the rule of thumb in history.

The conventional theory plays with the modern rules of financial preservation. A man sees another man and offers to pay a large sum of cash to buy a helicopter, and after the purchase, the new legal owner is entitled to his asset protected under basic constitutional laws. Under a democratic system, access to wealth depends on status and economic growth; financial restrictions apply to those who can’t afford to buy new assets in the free market economy. A bank can purchase property and increase its wealth having a regulated system that protects its interest under judicial watch. Anyone using fiat currency is capable of playing by the rules of democracy no matter how big or small such business or institution is.

Now imagine, we dump democracy out the picture and supplant its basic tenants with ancient systems. A man sees another man and instead of offering money, he murders the other man in cold blood and steals his assets — he is now legally entitled to a new helicopter. Under western democracy, the man deserves to receive the full wrath of justice; however, under the rules of a military government laws no longer pertain to democracy. If the military decided to burn every single dollar, controlled all private and public assets, executed every bank CEO and decided to seize all national resources without having to amend to any constitutional law – their actions would suffer no repercussions because ultimately no one would be able to stand up against their supremacy, unless it’s another military threat. In other words, those who have wealth have developed a system to protect their assets using lawsuits in courts of law – the military would not follow such protocol, if it were to raise to power because their system doesn’t abide by the same constitutional laws that protect ordinary citizens.

It’s interesting to note, that US military justice follows a different protocol than civil justice. When soldiers are trialed for war crimes they cannot appeal to the US Supreme Court; instead they are judged and prosecuted under military courts. Such contrast of justice shows that even at a democratic and constitutional level, the military follows its own judicial structure. Most democratic and undemocratic countries have it set where military law is not intertwined with civil justice – only showing the stark contrast between democracy and what dictatorships look like.

The military is the strongest force in human affairs, it can change drastic situations in no time. The military has the ability to destroy other nations, take their resources and summit people against their will without following rules or regulations. If the military campaign ends in victory, it guarantees free access to power and expansion. If the military decided one day insurrect and declare martial law, no politician would be able to stop it; likewise if the military decided to go to Wall Street and capture the most powerful financial figures alive, and confiscated their wealth, no one would be able to stop it.

If the US generals rebelled against the system and decided to overthrow the government, they would seize the Federal Reserve and Treasury without much difficulty. They could seize the media, corporations, universities, land and other sectors devoid of suffering any repercussions. Whether or not a military coup would result in public admiration depends on the dictatorship itself and how it deals with people.

The military has a power that financial institutions and governments don’t have, they can use force and have the numbers to challenge any intruder with war. They can conquer wealth and distribute it to the population to gain more followers, or they can corrupt their authority with tyranny – of course it depends on the moral belief of the general behind a dictatorship and his intention – at such point, democracy ceases to exist and the constitution becomes a dull useless document. The free market could continue after a dictatorship – of course, if capitalism is allowed to thrive — but most likely it would be replaced or under strict control of military supervision.

As I mentioned on my previous articles there is a fine line between Government, financial institutions and military; they all subsist under the same constitutional umbrella, guided by rules and regulations. But each of these three elements follows its own function and acts as an independent subdivision. Governments set federal agencies to closely monitor the activities of military and financial institutions, in case they step out of line violating federal law.

The military receives funds from the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury when the Executive order and congress agree to prepare for armed conflict. In 2008, banks were bailed out when congress decided to intercede and inject TARP money (Tax payer money) to save Wall Street from a complete financial meltdown. The government monitors financial institutions and military under the condition, that they follow the constituencies of the Founding Fathers.

However, the interworking’s of Wall Street, and the military are not analogous; they both operate differently and their logistics and dimensions are worlds apart. Banks are wired with millions of different operations webbed around the world connected through trade routes. The military has thousands of operations webbed all around the world controlled by the Unified Combatant Command, placed all over the world in order to operate missions.

Now the conspiracy theorist like Noam Chomsky believe that an oligarchy of wealthy elitist run the government and the financial markets worldwide. Secret organizations like the Bilderberg’s, Opus Dei, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and other groups pull the strings of the world economy. Others theorize that more ancient religious sects like the Jesuits, the Illuminati, the masons, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jacobins, the Mormons and other groups run the world, and influence world governments.  No one agrees with ‘who is who’ but most conspiracy theorist agree that such groups run the world under a predetermined system.

History shows ‘conflict of interest’ alone makes it virtually impossible for religious groups to be controlled by other religious groups. It is comical to suggest the order of the Jesuits, and the Muslim Brotherhood – ancient enemies since before the first Crusades — would work together under a council run by a catholic sinister ruler.  Mason and Mormon holding hands trying to plot how to conquer the world sounds like ‘Pinky and the Brain’; such absurdity view shows the lack of proper study of ancient history and the lessons taught throughout millennia.

History also shows that total world unity has never worked.  No civilization has successfully tried to manipulate the system, implode its economy without travailing popular polarization, which did not end with revolts turned into full scale revolutions that ousted the plotters.  The Arab Spring in 2011, was a classic example of what happens to nations that decide to declare ‘martial law’ and how that ends in civil war – only one winner comes out from the ashes of civil wars and it is definitely  ‘not secret elites’.

Yet, the conspiracy theorist fail to recognize history shows the most powerful force in civilization are neither democratic governments, corporations nor secret elites. The real dark horses are military generals. When generals unite, they can overrun and overthrow any other national force set around its confines and blockade its powers. The military has the ability to confront the population and set order under financial chaos or state of emergency.

The second greatest force after the generals are not secret elites, corporations or governments; the second greatest force is the arch-enemy of the military, ordinary people that turn themselves into combatants and start to unite within the chaos formed from social disorder ideologically united to defeat the military coup. When millions of people unite to counter the military establishment, they have to either win or face massive genocide as the response of the military historically tends to be brutal.

Military campaigns that turn into victory end with the control of new resources. Why buy banks, when you can just take it from bankers? Corporations, financial institutions and secret elites do not have that sort of power; instead their ecosystem only thrives under democracy, courts of laws and social order. Politicians and secret elites are not immune to social revolutions and military coups, no matter how powerful or great these are.

Now, the economy can shift from bad to great under the right military leader, emperor or king. The military under the command of a great general can achieve great expansionist goals to help its nation thrive while ruling new satellite states. China knows NATO and the UN, are against them, so they respond by building new military garrisons and artificial islands on strategical points in the Pacific Ocean to control trade. China knows that by using its aggression, it can offset the financial retributions set by western politicians with military might.  The same is true with Russia, Russia is showing military aggression to counter all the financial sanctions imposed by the EU and the US. Russia knows that by interfering in the Syrian conflict, and setting bases in the Middle East, it can start to build strategic relations with Arab nations and offer their protection to counter US policy in the region and offset the current western balance.

Russia might have the same economic power as Italy, but they have the military might to conquer many parts of the world; whereas Austria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and other northern European nations despite their inherit wealth do not have the same military capabilities as Russia – such paradox shows that wealth itself cannot sustain great military power.

If conspiracy theorist are true, and the US is run by a secret group of elitist, they must be hands down the most stupid planners of human history.

  • If they declare martial law, people will fight back, order will split into chaos and new revolutionary factions will rise. It would be the end of the US economy and the nation. The secret elites turned the country into a ball of fire, and no one can survive under fire, not even the Oligarchs of Noam Chomsky.
  • A military coup could spark under the mismanagement of the government. The Democratic Party has done a superb job in making the military hate them. If a military coup happens, the market would immediately collapse —- and generals do not need to follow the orders of secret elites like the Star Wars movie to run their operations. The generals will execute the masterminds of the conspiracy plot, and take full control of the country, for the entire military follows their command. If money doesn’t exist, resources become opportunistic assets.
  • The secret elites implode the US economy. China, Iran, India, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia lick their chops watching the world market collapse, they invade different countries not worrying anymore about US interventionism, and they seize all strategical trading ports around the world. The end of the US as a superpower – great job! — Secret elites couldn’t be more brainless, they just lost millions of resources and investments to other raptorial military powers. The dumbest part is that they imploded the economy knowing that other military powers were on the rise.

As I stated, the economic conspiracy model deals with a highly developed democratic system, but fails to recognize that the world has mostly been run by military nations, who used warfare to control all resources.  Sometimes, military powers were driven to conquer other countries based on faith, and vengeance rather than wealth. If secret elites exist, they are prawn to commit human error like anyone else, and must be very naïve about world affairs if they gamble a military rise.

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