Rants, Outcomes And Donald Trump Predictions


By Jaime Ortega.


Before I start, I want to point out that mainstream liberal media networks keep shoving the idea that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by large margins to raise public debate. What they don’t mention, is that states like New York and California naturally lure more votes than any other state given their mega population. The popular vote that grants Clinton the lead comes from these mega populated states that are extremely liberal and progressive and do not represent the rest of the continental United Sates.  It is almost comical how that important factor goes unreported.

The Obama administration underestimated the Trump campaign. The leftist model of politics has started to crumble all over the world like dominos. The Obama’s administration privately fears that the conservative movement might vanish all policy that western liberal democracy has fought to maintain. The left is hopeless and it might try to pull a last minute stun – don’t be surprised if something happens – it has the popular vote and the anti-trump momentum to propel a social revolution. George Soros is behind a lot of the protest and riots taking place.

The destabilized left now relies on progressive factions to revolutionize the party. The liberal model failed the party and the progressive model has different subdivisions that split from socialist views of economics, to far left extreme dogmas. Kanye West wants to make a 2020 presidential bid. Such moves shows the danger of the left and rest assure many ignorant people will vote for him – it is not a joke.

Donald Trump has won the hearts and minds of The South and The Midwest, but has broken the spirit of liberal states that are progressive and liberal minded. If Hillary Clinton would had won it would have the opposite effect, it would have energized the conservative base to protest and riot in the streets, enraged as a result of political and media bias — which would be far more serious than the manifestations reported on cities like LA, NY, Portland and Seattle –mostly immigrants that might be directly affected by Trump’s illegal deportation policy.

The main issue that has disconnected many US citizens from adopting immigration positively is the lack of integration and lack of acceptance of cultural American values from foreign newcomers — that live in the US and exploits opportunities— but secretly or openly despise its customs never to fully embrace Americanism. Many immigrants show anti-military conduct and defile veterans for their service; they have don’t support nationalism and only support US freedom when it benefits them. Many immigrants also don’t want to learn English even though they lived in the US for decades. It is true that US history is limited, but the lack of integration has surely not helped many US citizens welcome immigration. On top of that, US citizens have lost their jobs to many new immigrants who simply work harder.

The difference behind ‘Syrian and Libyan refugees’ and ‘illegal Guatemalan, Salvadorian, Honduran and Mexican immigrants’ presents a paradox to a lot of US citizens, who clearly can’t distinguish the cultural difference between the two groups. The Syrian and Libyan refugees present a long term danger because they cannot be screened — and a few but dangerous individuals import Salafist fundamentalism —-which is even banned in other Islamic countries.  Islamic radicalization cannot coexist alongside constitutional values which promote progressive dogmas that clearly oppose Quranic tenants.

The stupidity behind some of the present riots showing Muslim women with Hijabs marching alongside LGBT members is completely ridiculous and phony. In Muslims countries LGBT members would be burned alive or simply beheaded – and somehow the lies of the progressive left show Muslims who highly condemn same-sex marriage with criminal punishment walking peacefully alongside homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders. Then of course, the riots also show Communist marching alongside Marxist and Anarchist, which couldn’t be any less stupid, since the Spanish Civil War shows that Communist tried to prosecute and kill Marxist and Anarchist under the direct command of Stalin while they were warring General Francisco Franco.

In my past articles I predicted that secession would eventually end as a real possibility in the US given that the problems of ‘Texas’ have little to nothing to do with the problems ‘California’ or ‘New York’ experience. The government permeates federal policies that boost liberal laws on states like New York and California, but it has little effect on states that promote the sovereignty of state laws like Texas which adopt a traditionalist conservative market model.

Barack Obama was not responsible for the financial recovery experienced after the recession. As Commander And Chief, he allowed Timothy Geither and Ben Bernanke to continue financial deregulation at the cost of tax payer money — and on top of that he helped too big to fail banks and CEO’s not face federal prosecution. The reason why the US escaped the turmoil caused by the financial recession of 2008, was mostly because of the financial growth of fixed republican states – not swing states — and how they helped boost the economy without federal liberal influence.  States like Texas, Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and others made financial progress –which is why many implants from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Detroit, and Cleveland among other traditionally democratic cities have migrated to the south and the south west in large numbers to settle and look for opportunities.

It is true that Colorado isn’t a Republican state; however, it is not a liberal state, it is a progressive state that is not influenced with top-down federal laws. Remember that Colorado adopted the Bernie Sanders reform, and voted for him. Clinton’s reforms would only benefit Wall-Street having little effect on financially progressive states like Washington and Colorado.

The takes couldn’t be higher

Donald Trump has taken a deeply divided country which opposes his reforms. So here go a bunch of predictions and situations that I think will take place during his reign as president.

  • Trump has potential to become a great reformist. He connects with rural America better than Clinton, who stated on one of her emails that she adopts “a private and public agenda”. Clinton’s downfall was her biggest addiction — Wall Street. Trump’s reign will either end in a disastrous presidency, or he will become the next great president after Ronald Reagan to never earn recognition. Given his unique character and lack of political discourse, he could start a new era in politics where traditional politicians no longer control government. Obama’s administration left behind a deeply divided nation. Extreme reformists like Trump are needed to revert the national chaos. People forget that Trump is a bright individual, and when he commits a mistake he is likely to apologize and keep fighting. The key to understand his presidency is really understand his achievement as a business man – and he was a successful man despite his bankruptcy. I believe he will also be a successful politician. The only concern I have, is that leftist propaganda will fuel hate among the heathen in a desperate attack to encircle him into a despaired presidency.
  • The giant who no one ever saw. The left will unite and bash Trump no matter what he does. For the left it is payback time as republicans constantly bashed Obama’s presidency without much tolerance. Trump’s first year will be tough, expect amateurish mistakes – by amateurish mistakes I don’t mean nuking Saudi Arabia — but getting the grasp of government. Trump will rapidly excel. However, what people will observe, is a good president who will be portrayed as a ‘dictator’ for his entire presidential term. If the leftist media did not pardon his past mistakes – if Clinton despite her Wall Street sell out and FBI controversy still gained the popular vote – it shows that Trump will be criticized no matter what he does and how bad the left has become.
  • Trump has a high probability of assassination. He is under a lot of scrutiny and pressure from the left and Wall Street. I mentioned in one of my past stories, where I predicted his presidency that Trump might end up assassinated like John F. Kennedy. In fact, he is probably hated more than any other US president in history. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t finish his presidential bid without a bullet.
  • Trump won’t have it any easier than Clinton dealing with republican legislators. If Clinton would have won the elections, her laws would have been rejected by the republican legislation. Trump is no different than Clinton, he is another threat to the establishment and possibly more than her democratic counterpart. In fact, probably much more of a threat than Clinton because Trump’s radical fiscal policy reforms might severely play a de-facto paradigm among republicans, who did not vote for his canons; it should be hard for Trump to pass executive orders in congress without veto, as a significant part of republicans in the house and the senate are in bed with Wall-Street and support an economy free of Keynesian regulations. Expect a hostile environment between Trump’s administration and the republican legislation. It would be the first time where the republican legislation won’t see eye to eye with the president who represents their party. Remember that many republicans endorsed Clinton because she championed free market laws, foreign partnerships and outsourcing – Trump presents the contrary viewpoint.
  • Clinton might flee the country. The Clinton Foundation is still under investigation and Trump could assign Rudy Giuliani as the next Attorney General to prosecute the Clintons, if Obama doesn’t pardon her now. I suspect that the Clintons are aware of Trump’s menace – especially during the debate when Trump publically promised to appoint an independent investigation to prosecute Hillary – so don’t be surprised if the Clintons gather all their wealth and leave the country to seek political asylum elsewhere. If Trump prosecutes Clinton, it would evoke Hillary supporters to revolt and chastise Trump’s government which could play out against his plan to unify the country and the liberals that doubt him.
  • Trump might return Wikileaks the favor. Without a cast of a doubt Julian Assange saved Trumps campaign. Without exposing Clintons leaked emails Trump would have not defeated her political machine. If Clinton would have won the elections – renown in DC for her revengeful behavior — Assange would probably be a dead duck. Trump might grant Assange liberty or political asylum after what he indirectly contributed to his campaign to save his election.
  • Texas and Arizona will push for constructing the wall more than Trump. Mexico needs the United States partnership, more than the United States needs Mexico. In my opinion, Pena Nieto’s government will publically badmouth Trump and the republicans, but secretly negotiate a deal to help pay for the wall – it’s the art of politics and Mexican politicians are masters of drama like the telenovelas they show on regular television; showing public discontent, but private acceptance. Arizona and Texas are infested with sanctuary cities and they experience migration at a level that other states don’t experience, they will be vocal against Trump if he doesn’t build the wall.
  • Liberal cities become new sanctuary safe-havens for undocumented workers. As I mentioned above, republican states will force illegal immigration to scatter to cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, DC, and San Francisco on large numbers to avoid deportation. This will backfire on liberal states and really hurt jobs and labor. US citizens living on larger cosmopolitan cities will start to lose jobs in inner cities and suffer. Stiff competition among illegal immigrants for low paid jobs will not make the minimum wage decline. Even if the minimum wage is raised in major cities like Los Angeles or Chicago, many companies to save cost will continue to hire undocumented workers under the table with less compensation, instead of hiring US citizens. It would only exacerbate unemployment inside large liberal inner cities if they adopt sanctuary laws.
  • Trump is going to stifle the economy with his massive deportation plan. As I explained above liberal inner-cities will suffer from unemployment for adopting immigration, but republican states will suffer large production cost if they lose immigrant labor. Many US Small-Medium Enterprises depend on illegal workers to supply business efficiency. American labor cannot replace the worship of Latinos and Asians in under-skilled jobs; the dishwashers, maids, crop pickers, farm workers, cooks and other services in general depend largely on immigration to operate. Replacing Latinos and Asians with US citizens without proper training will severely ravish Mains Street – It will be a mistake. In contrast, many immigrants that come to US to study with visas – if Trumps laws are indeed imposed on all immigration – will end with a shortage on science jobs like engineering, hard to replace because fewer American’s graduate under science based majors. That will tumult the economy on a scientific level. The US is dependent on foreign students to cover the quota of science related jobs.
  • The relationship between China and the US is going to significantly deteriorate. China devaluated their currency not long ago to suffix dependency on foreign markets. Nonetheless, China is deeply rooted with the US market — and under Trumps foreign policy to increase tariffs and end outsourcing – expect a highly problematic relationship between Beijing and Washington DC. The US dependency on China will also increase lobbyist activity on Capitol Hill to stop Trump’s executive reforms at all cost from hurting trade. A trade war would hurt American exports and hurt imports, but it would mostly hurt Wall Street and elites.
  • Soon, the ‘environment protection’ treaty signed in Paris by Barack Obama won’t be worth anything. The Trump administration will bury the treaty and allow coal miners to replace the disastrous hybrid technologies meant to replace fossil fuels — that according to environmentalist produce carbons that result in global warming. The environmentalist won’t be happy, but the miners will happily cheer on states like West Virginia and Ohio where they are banned from using carbon emission gasses. It is still disputed whether global warming is produced by the Green House Effect, or by Sun spots. Such policy chance will no doubt infuriate many Bernie Sanders supporters and those who support the Green Party, but it might revive the economy on many small towns across the US.
  • The relationship between the European Union and the US could be based on political affiliations rather than on Trump’s pragmatism. Western Europe has shifted to the right, and only Andrea Merkel, Germany’s chancellor remains the only progressive leader in the union. Leftist idealism has created subdivisions in the EU, thanks to the refugee crisis and Greek bankruptcy – the idea of a united Europe has started to aggravate regionalist and nationalist pride. Brexit is the culmination of such division and it is only going to worsen before it gets any better. A lot of Euro-skeptics endorse Trump’s policy and champion his radical reforms. I expect some European progressive countries to reject his policy, but I expect more countries to endorse it as the pendulum shifts right. If Trump destroys ISIS with a nuclear bomb or sends ground troops — din clear violation of the UN resolution of human rights — he win the hearts and minds of many Europeans who will vote for right wing parties.
  • Russia and Trump’s relation will foster a double edge sword between Russia and the US. Trump will initially get along with Putin on the basis of foreign diplomacy, but that could be a tricky card. Trump is just as likely to initiate world-war III as Clinton; the volatile attitude of Trump in contended places like Syria where Russia, Ben Assad, Turkey, the Arab League, Iran, the Kurds and America could easily turn into war for control of the Middle East. Russia’s military incursion on Syria, is a serious warning that it intends to extend its influence in the Middle East. Trump and Putin’s relationship depends on Syria and Iran. Putin won’t be as cocky under Trump’s presidency like he masked with Obama’s weak foreign policy – if anything Putin will have to torpedo his own foreign policy and possibly deescalate in aggression and stop his provocative military intrusion on airspaces all around the world. The best solution for Putin and Trump to get along, would be to display a joint operation campaign between Russia and the United States to defeat ISIS and Al-Nusra – it would at least secure a short and peaceful environment between the two nations; yet, Iran might play a negative role in their slippery friendship.
  • Iran versus the US will likely start a next war. Trump has repeatedly condemned the Obama administration for allowing John Kerry to negotiate a resolution with Iran that would legally permit the usage of uranium enrichment under the strict supervision of UN inspectors. Trump plans to abort the resolution and throw away the agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons – the republican legislation rejected the bill. Israel and Saudi Arabia abhor the Obama administration for its ‘nuclear gift’ to Iran –both countries have abandoned the compromise set by US foreign policy in the Middle East and labelled as disastrous. Trump will likely engage on a war with Iran, if indeed cancels the resolution to end the agreement. Iran is less fearful of facing the US, than Russia or China at this particular point in time. A war with China and Russia would no doubts take a direct toll on US foreign trade and its geo-strategical dominance. Russia at one point depended heavily on Iranian oil, but now it is busy trying to sell petroleum drilled on the Baltic Sea; over the past decade Russia has become an oil independent nation – at this point Iran has become a secondary market for Russia. Also it is key to understand how Vladimir Putin reacted to Erdogan’s Turkey, when they shot down two Russian fighter jets and no escalation ensued — which speaks miles about Russia’s military response after it suffered a humiliating blow. If Russia didn’t militarily retaliate with Turkey – which is one third the military size of Russia – it’s a clear sign that they won’t interfere with US interventionism in Iran. China relies primarily on Sudanese and Iraqi oil refineries to run its nations infrastructure. China is oil dependent and their military is crippled without access to oil reserves. China is desperately trying to encompass a foreign strategy that will eventually grant it greater access to the Middle East market — and just recently rented space on Djibouti to control its oil exports. China also heavily depends on eastern African countries to run their agricultural demands, so it is key that they remain a strong presence on the region to protect its interest. Also China is still financially intrinsic to the US economy — more than any other country in the world given its assembly power. If war was declared, I am not convinced that Russia or China would join Iran to fight against the United States. Also China, Russia and the US have nuclear capability which would make them avoid confrontation at all cost. Trump’s highly volatile foreign policy would not put up with Iranian demands, in the case it rebelled or threatened the US. Saudi Arabia would join the US, as it currently fights a war against the rebel Houthis, who control northern Yemen. Israel would also co-sponsor an assault on Iranian soil and provide aerial and ground logistics. Despite Iran’s military threat, it lacks nuclear capability making its military susceptible to invade. If the US decide to declare war on Iran, this is the best time. Once Iran manufactures nuclear technology it would no longer be categorized as a feeble military power. Iran versus the US, could very well develop into a war soon.
  • Iraq will be reconstructed and prosper after ISIS is out. The Iraqi National Army has started their campaign to drive out ISIS from Mosul. Iraq is currently under the leadership of a Shia Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi and its dumping sectarianism to embrace nationalism — the last time nationalism exited on Iraq was under Saddam Hussein’s regime. If the US intervenes on Iraq under president Trump, it would drive off ISIS back to Syria. Unlike Syria, Iraq currently is the 5th largest oil reserves in the world and will end as a major oil exporter to resurrect its economy. I strongly believe that Iraq will be reconstructed with the financial influence of China, the US, South Korea and other European countries to avoid future sectarian divisions. The world needs the Middle East to stabilize. Don’t be surprised if ancient cities like ancient Nineveh and Babylon are reconstructed to create a new capital for all Iraqis under a new nationalist agenda – in fact as of today the University of Babylon shows signs of reconstruction. Higher education would be great for the country if it manages to build itself from its ashes after fourteen years of constant turmoil.
  • Arab countries will have a better relation with Trump, than Obama. Trump won’t necessarily suffer a backlash from Arab countries for not accepting Muslim refugees. Many countries in the Middle East have extensive tough migratory laws that mainstream liberal media fails to expose — a phenomena observed during the refugee crisis and the rise of terrorist organizations – consequently, Middle Eastern countries have not accepted Libyan, Yemeni or Syrian immigrants, but instead constructed fenced refugee camps to feed, clothe and bathe the needy. Muslim activism in America is deeply entrenched with CAIR, MAS, NAIT, MSA, etc. — the US version of the Muslim Brotherhood – and they don’t represent its affiliate versions in the Middle East which are completely banned in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Egypt to name a few. What Arab leaders mostly care about is how the US will deal with the Middle East crisis, ISIL and the rise of Iran as a Shia regional hegemon. Trump has a interventionist policy that attracts the Arab league.
  • Al-Qaeda might target Las Vegas. A lot of people sleep on Al-Qaeda as ISIL takes the spotlight. Al-Qaeda is much more organized than ISIS, and unlike ISIS it knows how to operate without having territorial advantage; it has experience, and the border with Mexico offers a ‘prime-entrance’ to conduct a terrorist plot in South Western United Sates. If Trump defeats ISIL, ISIL members will join Al-Qaeda as many foreign fighters will be banned from travelling back to Europe. I expect an Afghani truck bomb attack on US soil.
  • Egypt, Libya and Syria will likely get along with Trump. Many Middle Eastern leaders utterly despise Obama’s administration and Clinton’s foreign intervention policy which led to a power vacuum that engulfed and destabilized many nations. Libya’s House of Representatives and general Kalifa Haftha; Egypt’s dictator Al-Sisi and the Assad regime are going to get along better with Trump than with Hillary by a long shot –mark my words.
  • Members of NATO and the UN won’t like Trump’s America, but will have to forcibly embrace his policy. Trump’s universe revolves on renegotiations and agreements; on the other hand, NATO –and particularly the UN – revolve on foreign diplomatic resolutions to ban or set financial restrictions to any country that violates international law. Unlike Barack Obama, Trump doesn’t care about NATO and the UN, he cares more about the US – at least that is what he publically states. NATO heavily depends on the US military to function, more than China financially depends on the US to thrive. If NATO wants to continue to adopt a protectionist policy, they will vow to the demands and renegotiations agreements that Trump wants to settle. The military rise of China, India, Pakistan and Russia are concerns that scares members of NATO; without the US, NATO is simply a worthless paper organization – no different than the UN.
  • The liberal mainstream media will inflame more flames. The mainstream media establishment could either help propagate hate or stop their leftist propaganda. Networks like CNN, NYT, MSNBC, NBC, the Huffington Post and CBS helped fuel an ethnic and ideological divide with their biased coverage of cop versus black crime during Obama’s administration. They’re so biased that they only cover cops killing blacks, but not cops killing Latinos or Caucasians– which both triple black deaths by 12 percent compared to 4 percent according to the Washington Post, McDonald report. With all the protest and riots currently taking place, the media has fueled hate and unnecessary propaganda against Trump. The media are not for freedom of information, and no longer behave as journalist, but rather as opportunist organizations to self-indulge and push leftist dogmas to contradict the right at any cost. The leftist media is the one medium which could ignite the draw-lines between the right and the left with dangerous rhetoric that could inflame a civil war.
  • The rise of proto-soviet ideologies will rise in the US under Trump’s presidency. Many extreme leftist groups mistakenly label Trump as an American ‘fascist’ — such notion couldn’t be more flawed. Trump is a nationalist, and it could be argued whether or not he is a true conservative – I highly doubt growing up in New York City, Trump ever adopted a true-purist conservative stance as his republican acolytes in the south – who don’t necessarily support his moral ideals and question his republican roots. Trump is no fascist, and he opposed the Neo-conservative movement to globalize the Middle East and its transnational corporatist model, when George W. Bush administration decided to invade Iraq. Others view Trump as a dictator who opposes the will of the constitution and the values of American traditionalism — which is a progressive strategy to demonize Trump’s radical reforms. So on one side, liberals view Trump as a fascist, and on the other side progressives view Trump as a dictator; such false narrative will induce and convert ignorant people to join the utopias of the far left — and as ignorance increases in America —- so will proto-soviet ideals continue to multiply in dangerous numbers. Anarchism has also taken off in the last eight years and the number of converts has increased over the decade to worrisome numbers – and continues to worsen. The Anarchist symbol is proudly worn in many protest. Since its inception and independence from England, the US has thrived on nationalism and military values to unify the country. Today millennials living inside liberal oriented states no longer adopt a patriotic model and wrongly label it as fascist. When anarchism, communism and Marxism thrive on western countries, it is a clear indicator of disunity and contingency that could potentially spill into a new civil war. Expect the rise of far left ideologies to increase during Trumps presidency. Once such leftist dogmas start to creep, it’s a cancer which remedy relies uniquely on force to extirpate from society.
  • Trump will try to unify the US, but might create separatism instead. Trump spoke as a solitary voice in the wilderness to represent the industrial sector and farmlands of America. His enemies are Wall-Street, the Media and the rise of far left ideological faction—-which happen mostly to live on states like California and New York. The left and the establishment feel threatened by rural states and it will create dissension and separatism. Proud states like Alabama, Kentucky and Texas won’t swallow the demands of hallmark states like California or New York; they will also not adopt progressive values or surrender state laws. The US relies on unification, but it is no longer unified ideologically and secession is now a real possibility as I predicted on my past posts.

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