Uncomfortable New Facts Discovered With Google Cause Upset

– By Mike Sutton –


Dr Mike Sutton

On Knowledge Contamination: New Data Challenges Claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s Independent Conceptions of Matthew’s Prior-Published Hypothesis   

My latest peer reviewed paper on the the New Data can be read by clicking this link:


The 100 per cent proven facts in this peer reviewed paper, are published in a polish philosophy journal Filozoficzne Aspekty Genezy: Philosophical Aspects of Origin. Moreover, the esteemed Darwinist professor of the history of science, Dr John van Wyhe, is on the journal’s academic expert advisory board.

My peer-reviewed paper

(1) 100 per cent proves that the world’s leading Darwin Scholars – and others – were 100 per cent wrong to write that the original ideas in Matthew’s book went unread by biologists and anyone else before Darwin and Wallace replicated them. Because it is newly 100 per cent proven that – as opposed to the prior-Darwinist myth that none – seven other naturalists in fact did cite, in the published 19th century literature, Matthew’s book and the original ideas in it pre-1858.

(2) 100 per cent proves that after 1860 Darwin lied by writing the very opposite to what Matthew had already informed him about the readership of his book.

Illogical and irrational pseudo scholars might think that it is unscientific for me to write that it is 100 proven that something is true. But any making such a claim as to the unscientific nature of my claims are confusing two very distinctly different things. Quite rightly, it is not the language of scientists to write that a hypothesis is 100 per cent proven or not. However, no rational scientist would deny that it is 100 proven that the New Data – which is the published words inside newly re-discovered published 19th century books and journals – is 100 per cent proven to exist.

In the Carse of Gowrie Scotland

Last week I delivered the results of my latest research paper at the James Hutton Institute in Scotland. The Dundee Courier reported on the event.

‘English academic says Scots farmer could be true origin of Charles Darwin’s most famous theory’


A Mr Derry, who claims to represent Edinburgh University, wrote what he calls an “open letter” to several of my associates in Scotland and to the Dundee Courier.

Darwin academic accused of ‘poor and lazy research’


I responded to Derry’s claims with a letter to the courier that included a link to the page on this blog where Mr Derry’s use of the foulest of foul language in published social media communications can be read. The Courier responded appropriately.

Academic accused of ‘weirdly closed mind’ as Perthshire Charles Darwin row continues


I was later compelled, in the public interest, to respond to Mr Derry’s and other allegations against my expert, independently, and anonymously, peer reviewed, science journal, published research findings by way of a professionally reviewed and moderated article on the Thinker Media Best Thinking Site. Here. (Sutton 2016).


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