10 People from the IT Industry who Changed the World

People have different talents and abilities. Some have vast innate abilities and are able to make discoveries that no one else has made before. In the IT industry, there are smart men whose names will forever be remembered. Because of them, people can enjoy automaty online free video slots and other technology-based activities and entertainments. Each of these men had a passion for changing the world for future generations. 

  1. Steve Jobs 

A renowned technology geek, the late Steve Jobs is associated with the Apple Computer. He was the co-founder and CEO of Apple Computer. Born and raised in San Francisco, United States, Steve had a peculiar interest in computing early in his life. During his high school education, Jobs attended after-school classes at the HP (Hewlett-Packard) Company, where he would later meet Steve Wozniak, the fellow Apple Computer founder. On 1st April of 1976, they founded Apple Computer, followed by Apple II Computer in 1977. Today he is associated majorly with iMac and iPhone products. 

  1. Bill Gates

This man is known everywhere on earth. His contributions to IT are taught in computer schools and private IT classes. Bill Gates is a co-founder of Microsoft, the world’s largest software producer. Born and raised in Seattle in Washington, US, in 1955, Bill Gates is among the wealthiest people on earth. At the age of only 13, Bill was already doing software programming and performed well in math and science subjects. In 1970, Bill Gates and Paul Allen (a Microsoft co-founder) created a Traf-O-Data venture; in 1973, he joined Harvard University and left to start Microsoft. This was later renamed Microsoft Corporation, which is associated with Windows operating system and stands as the software industry giant.

  1. Douglas Engelbart

This is among the most renowned men in the Information Technology field. His contribution to the industry has to do with the invention of the first mouse prototype. A computer mouse is a peripheral device that most people love and cannot do without. 

  1. James Gosling

This man is a brilliant PhD holder in computer science. Like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, he was born in 1955 and raised in Calgary, Canada. He is celebrated for creating the Java programming language. It is the first language ever made that could adapt to various applications and the internet. 

  1. Linus Torvalds

This is the man who created Linux OS. He is primarily associated with the open-source movement and is the one to answer any Linux question. 

  1. Tim Berners-Lee

This man is celebrated for connecting the TCP and DNS concepts with the hypertext concept in 1990. This is how the World Wide Web came to be. He was born in 1955, just like the other great men on this list. His mathematical parents were among those who made Manchester Mark I a very early computer.  

  1. Nathaniel Borenstein

This is another man who made an impact on technology and became recognized for it. He is the one who invented email attachment or MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension). Before the likes of Facebook came to be, email was the only way people could share scanned digital files. They use email and social media sites to do what they could only do with the email before. 

  1. Norman Abramson

Norman Abramson is a brilliant man who developed LAN technology at the University of Hawaii. The things he did with the ALOHAnet brought him a lot of fame. ALOHAnet became the first company to transmit data successfully with radio signals. It is because of his brilliance that wireless networks came to be.

  1. Ken Thompson 

While working at AT&T’S Bell Labs in the late sixties and early seventies as a developer and researcher, Ken largely wrote the initial versions of UNIX. Another researcher and developer called Dennis Ritchie wrote UNIX in the C programming language in 1972. Today they are both associated with UNIX and UNIX-like Operating Systems, including Android. He is now a Google Engineer.

  1. Jack Nilles

This technology geek is partly associated with the concept of telework. He founded the concept of working from home when he saw the congestion on the roads due to daily commutes. Along with a team at the University of Southern California, the rocket scientist designed and tested the telework idea at an insurance organization with satellite offices. Now at JALA International, his own company, Jack, promotes the teleworking concept, which has long been accepted and tried by millions.

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