4 Reasons Why Vaping is so Much Better Than Smoking Cannabis


Vaping is a good alternative if you are among the many who are trying to quit smoking cannabis, but find it hard to do so. Statistics show that almost 7 out of 10 smokers claim they want to stop the habit. Alas, the transition can bring about too many withdrawal symptoms that make it even more difficult for one to quit smoking. This is why many people turn to vapes to help them make the transition easier. But, is vaping better than smoking cannabis? The answer is a resounding yes and here are the reasons why. 

Vaping Produces Fewer Side Effects

Vaping allows cannabis to be heated at a temperature that is lower compared to smoking it with the use of a bowl or a joint. This would mean fewer side effects on the lungs and the rest of the body. It will also produce less tar. The professionals behind  www.cannavapos.fr/vaporisateur-portable/ say there will also be less production of hazardous byproducts with vaping compared to smoking. This process of heating releases active compounds of cannabis into the person’s lungs. Examples of these active compounds include CBD and THC. Some vaporizers only make use of enough heat, which is about 220 °F. This amount of heat would be sufficient for melting the resin glands and transforming them into vapor. 

Vaping Does Not Produce Too Much Smell

People who want their habit of smoking to be discreet would prefer vaping as it only produces very little smell. The use of cartridge vapes and herb vaporizers enables the reduction of smell that is being released from the product while it is consumed. This makes vaping more discreet compared to smoking. The scent will also be muted and will no longer linger like what happens to a combusted weed. However, one will still notice a bit of smell released as a result of vaporizing the dry herb. There are also vape oil cartridges that are designed not to produce too much smell. This would mean you won’t have to worry about any smell coming off, thereby making your habit of medicating very discreet. 


Vaping Allows You to Save More Money

Vaping has been found to preserve its cannabinoid content for as much as 95 percent. This translates to more money saved in the long run. On the contrary, combusting cannabis results in burning off most of the beneficial cannabinoids. Only about ten percent of the cannabinoids will most likely remain once it is ignited. Therefore, combusting it is one inefficient way to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis. 

Vaping Has Fewer Skin Side Effects

The process of cannabis combustion can have huge adverse effects on the skin. The sticky tar produced during the process of combustion has been found to wreak havoc to the skin cells. This effect speeds up the aging process of the skin. This is because the production of tar also results in the release of free radicals. In turn, the skin will develop premature wrinkles, lines, and marks. The good news is that when you opt for vaping, your skin will not be able to suffer as much damage. This is because vaping does not produce smoke that could damage your skin. 

It is better to consult the experts first if you are an individual who wants to resort to vaping. You also need to consult your doctor about it, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions. 

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