5 Cool Websites to Visit Online When Bored

The internet is more than just the three apps you use on daily basis. It hosts an endless list of things you can do and websites you can visit in order to kill boredom. So, if you have been getting tired of continuously checking the same online platforms you do day and night, then it is about time you start visiting another cool and fun part of the world wide web. 

In this article, we have put together a list of some of the coolest websites there are for people to visit, who are specifically getting bored of their mundane routine. There is absolutely no shortage of online platforms when it comes to curing boredom. However, there is just one thing you need to keep into account – the basic tool to access these sites. 

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Having said that, let’s take a look at our list of entertaining and cool websites.

  1. Supercook

Do you have only four things stashed in the kitchen and don’t know what to cook out of them? Well, fret no more! Supercook allows you to enter the stock you have in your home, and out of those ingredients, it will give you a list of all the recipes you can cook up immediately. 

In this way, you don’t have to leave your house or waste money or food. It is also a pretty good way to stay on a healthy diet rather than eating out whenever the need arises. 

So, if you are bored and feeling a bit hungry, then simply check what you already have in the kitchen and ask Supercook to give you a perfect recipe for it. 

  1. TV Tropes 

TV tropes is a wonderful website that hosts large catalogs of several devices “tropes” that are found in creative content such as novels, TV shows, movies, comics, and whatnot. It basically voices all those thoughts you have while watching or reading any creative content. Maybe you might have thought why every drama has one certain thing in common. For this, you can go over TV Tropes and find an analysis of them. 

From plot devices to character archetypes, themes, and multiple other things, this website includes information on all the queries you have for creatively produced work. 

Just a heads up, once you start looking through it, you will not stop. It can get super addictive. 

  1. Post Secret

Do you want to know the secrets of strangers? Of course, you do. Well, Post Secret is just the right place for it. This website gets sent anonymous secrets from real people on real postcards. The secrets may belong to their childhood memories, or any regrets they might have or it can get really dark real quick. 

The website may not be a typical platform people visit usually. However, reading through the secrets of people all around the world can actually turn out to be quite fun. Plus, it is more or less interactive, which makes it even cooler. 

  1. News of the Future

Travel into the future whenever you start to feel bored with News of the Future. This website can act as a perfect getaway from everyday dull routines. This super fun website has future news articles from 2030 and beyond. 

The website does not contain mentions anything that could be too dark for people with weak hearts. This is why it is perfect for everyone to visit and surf through. 

  1. The Onion 

You might have heard about this amazing website. If not, then allow us to introduce you to The Onion, a digital magazine that is a bit different than your regular magazines. Essentially, it is a satirical newspaper that includes articles of all sorts of humorous and hilarious categories. 

Its publication started back in 1988 and ever since then, it has been successfully catching the eyes of readers all over the world. The articles are super funny but the titles definitely pull you in immediately. Imagine coming across an article named “Emojis That Gen Z Hates The Most And Why” or “How Much Wine Is Too Much Wine For Your Infant”. 

We are sure you won’t be able to resist clicking on these articles. So, if you want to read through some lighthearted content, while also curing your boredom, then check out The Onion. 

Wrapping it Up

The internet has so much more than you actually think. It houses countless websites that you can visit at any given time in order to kill your boredom. So, the next time you start feeling tired of keep visiting the same websites, then don’t forget to remember this article. The abovementioned online platforms are just perfect for anyone who is looking to spend a good hour or five on the internet doing absolutely nothing. 

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