5 Corporate Gifts for the Client Who Has Everything

So, you started your lunch or had a meeting with a potential client who, by the end of your time together, became your new client. Bravo!

And what better way to welcome them aboard being your new client than by getting them a gift? While it may seem old-school, this is a popular method that is utilized by many businesses and works great when it comes to securing relationships and promoting harmonious engagements. 

But now, onto a more pressing issue: what do you gift to the client who has everything? Here are some great ideas that will be guaranteed to keep you in their good books!

A Luxury Gift Basket

Starting with an obvious choice, a basket or a hamper can be a great way to solidify a relationship with a new client or business associate. A gift basket filled with high-end items such as gourmet food, wine, luxury skincare products, or even corporate chocolate gift boxes can be a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

Of course, you can go one step further and personalize the items in the basket toward the client ethos. For instance, if they are a sustainable company that wants to plant more trees etc., you could send them a gift basket full of different acorns and sustainable products.

A Personalized Gift

A personalized gift such as a monogrammed leather-bound journal or a customized piece of art can make a great impression on a client. Or, going back to the idea of having a client that is a sustainable company, you could have a tree planted in their name with a plaque placed onto the tree. Now that’s a great personalized gift idea!

An Experience

If you have a client who truly has everything, it may be best to consider giving an experience rather than a physical gift. This could include tickets to a concert or a sports game or a gift certificate for a gourmet restaurant. Of course, if your client is a restaurant chain, you may want to avoid gifting them a gift certificate to eat at a rival chain in the same city!

A Charitable Donation

A charitable donation always goes down well. Why? Because it promotes good PR on behalf of your client or business partner. Make a donation in your client’s name to a charity that aligns with their interests or values. This may require a bit of detective work, though, so try to find out as much as you can about them before making a donation in their name.

A Tech Gadget

For the client who loves technology, consider a high-end gadget such as noise-canceling headphones or a smartwatch.

Of course, in this instance, it is important to be a bit more budget-savvy; don’t spend too much money on purchasing high-end tech gifts if your business is not as well-off as your clients. Instead, it can be worth gifting a tech gift that has a more fun-based theme, like an Amazon dot or another AI helper-based device, or even a drone. 

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