7 Tips for Getting A Food Industry Job


If you are a food science student or a culinary student and are about to graduate then you might be looking for employment in the near future. Though education in food is important to be in this industry but most of the food companies like Five Guys Daphne hire on the basis of experience. You need to have experience in quality assurance, production management and research & development as well.

Below mentioned are seven tips which you need to follow for getting a food industry job. They are as follows –


  • Find positions to get in the industry first


For you to begin your career in the food industry, you need to start with small positions which can get you in the industry. Even if it is a small job or a job which you have never done before, but you have to do it so you can gain a new skill through it. You have to get any small or big positions which you might get in the food industry if you are just beginning your career in this industry.


  • Research the food companies


Search about the food company and their products before applying for a job, so you can get a proper idea about what they do. Do not go into any job with a blind eye, as it might become a problem for you in the future. Knowing about the company will also be helpful for you during the interview to talk about as well.


  • Find internships before an actual job


For you to get into the food industry, start with internships. You can intern in a small restaurant or manufacturing industry or you can also work as an intern for a chef. You get limited opportunities to work as an intern but they are the great way for you to learn about the industry from the professional themselves.


  • Use your connections


A great resume requires you to have some good references from your culinary school or pastry school. You can ask your professors to write references for you or a letter of recommendation. This will help you a lot for getting employment in the food industry. The references will be a huge impact on your resume and can get you the job which you need.


  • Additional certificates


Other than culinary or pastry school, you can get some additional skills which will look good on your resume. Having additional certifications other than a degree in culinary school will be beneficial for you while getting an employment. Some of these additional certificates are ServSafe, HACCP, SQF and the BRC as well.


  • Exhibit your technical skills


If you have technical or computer skills, then you can get a job in the manufacturing food industry for that. Food industry also uses the modern technology like other industries, so having skills for that will get you a job in the industry as well.


  • Use social media tools


Many of the food companies follow the social media trends today like Facebook and Twitter for job openings. To get a job through social media make sure you have a private account or a public account (but it should be professional).

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