Airless Tires Are the Future of Cycling

Have you ever imagined riding your bike with tires free of air? The concept itself is attractive as you don’t have to fill the tires with air to get movable tires. Similar to bez depozytu, which is getting a bonus with no deposit (a concept all gamers know well). So, you just get the tire and use it till its life span ends. 

Airless tires are not a new concept for bike tires only. It was first introduced to car tires, and the idea moved to bikes. Generally, the companies which produce these tires claim they are better for different reasons. For example, they don’t need filling as it is obvious from the name. Also, you don’t need to fix punctures as the tires never go flat.

How Does Airless Tires Work? 

Mostly, airless tires come in rubber material. This allows them to rotate smoothly on the grounds. The rubber should be tightly stretched all around the wheel, so there is no way it doesn’t rotate. 

To support this rubber tire, internal metal rods are connecting the center of the whole wheel to the outer rubber tire. Further, the tire can have an open frame or a closed one with sidewalls. Using side walls is better as it prevents road debris from accumulating inside the tire and reducing its efficiency. 

Car tires work with the same idea except that they are heavier. Whilst bike tires are lightweight as they won’t bear a huge load as cars. Relatively, both airless car and bike tires are lighter than normal ones. Also, manufacturers can adjust their tight to make them harder or softer. 

METL Airless Tires 

Another type of airless tire using a different concept but with the same efficiency. METL is short for Martensite Elasticized Tubular Loading tire. The tires are a mixture of nickel and titanium. These elements, in particular, are flexible and can deform with much more pliancy than other elements. 

However, since it is a metal tire, it can be a bit slippery on the roads. Thus, the outer layer is rubber, similar to traditional airless tires. The rubber used here is Polyurethane which can have different patterns to suit different bikes. However, it is more vulnerable than metal and can wear off faster. So, whenever you notice a sign of wearing off, you can go back to the tire supplier to get a new rubber outer layer. 

Foam Airless Tires 

The last option for airless tires we have here is Tannus foam tires. As the name suggests, they are durable foam tires that will never get flat from any sharp objects penetrating the tires. Further, nothing can puncture them, even the sharpest nails. 

Foam tires also offer a lightweight solution easy to install. Also, they tighten very well around the wheels. Moreover, they are suitable for most bikes with different wheel types. So, you can always find one for your bike. Airless tires can be a preferable solution for many bikers in the future. With long-lasting and zero maintenance features, they are better than traditional tires.

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