Arrested For Drug Possession? How To Seek Help


Although you may love the high feeling that drugs bring, getting caught with them spells major trouble. When you are caught with drugs, the last thing you would want to happen is to be convicted for the charge. If this happens, you will have a criminal record that can haunt you for the years to come. And there are serious penalties you can expect, including jail time and heavy fines. It makes sense to connect with an experienced attorney if you face such charges because they are more than serious and legal help is mandatory. 

Fortunately, there are ways to fight these charges, provided that you have someone good enough representing you. The best defense focuses on exposing flaws or introducing doubts in the evidence which is needed to convict you. While you should pick a seasoned lawyer who is capable of providing you effective defense, there are some more facts you need to understand if arrested for drug possession. 

Penalties for drug possession 

Possessing illegal drugs is regarded as a federal crime and each jurisdiction has its own laws regarding how such cases are to be dealt with. Typically, dangerous drugs such as steroids, methamphetamines and psychedelics, narcotics like cocaine, heroin, and opium, marijuana, and some prescription drugs come under the category of illegal drugs. The penalties for such cases depend on a variety of factors, from the quantity of substance found in your possession to any previous arrests on your record. Further, the location of arrest can make a difference; you can expect serious charges and penalties if you were caught near a school. Things could get even tougher if you had a gun or other weapon in your possession at the time of the arrest. The case could be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on these circumstances. A felony charge could lead to thousands in fines, a lengthy prison sentence, and even permanent drug offender charges on your record. The penalty for non-U.S. citizens could be as serious as loss of green card, citizenship denial, and possible deportation.

Handling the arrest situation 

Considering the gravity of the charges and penalties you may face for possession of illegal substances, you need to be very careful about handling the arrest situation. Anything that you do or don’t do can have serious repercussions.  Staying calm is crucial because being charged with possession does not mean that you are immediately guilty. Resisting arrest or obstruction of justice can land you in a bigger problem and extra criminal charges. Additionally, you may end up being hurt if the police use force to subdue you. Your best bet is to seek legal help for a drug crime if you want to handle the situation wisely. So you must immediately connect with a lawyer once you get to the police station. Never say or sign anything unless you have your lawyer present because it can implicate you later. Your lawyer can help you apply for bail, though the authority to grant or deny it rests with the judge. Further, they will also take the necessary steps to enter a plea on your behalf.

Understanding your options for defense

Being charged with a drug offense can leave you in shock and uncertainty because it is something really serious. However, it always helps to be aware of the options that you can use for defense. Here are the ones your lawyer may explore, depending on the circumstances in your case.

  • You had no idea that you were in possession of the drugs. This defense may trigger some doubt initially, the strategy often helps. For example, there is always a possibility of someone getting a package through a courier service or even carrying it, without knowing it contained drugs.
  • Your attorney may try proving that you did not possess the illicit drugs in question. For example, a homeowner may not be aware of the drugs being kept at their property by a renter or a vehicle with several people having drugs on board. In such cases, it’s difficult to establish exactly who possessed the drugs.
  • Another effective defense strategy relates to abuse of power or improper search or by police. Unfortunately, there are cases when police plant drugs on people or implicate them falsely. This can be challenging to prove but a good lawyer can still do it for you.

Possession of drugs is a serious crime and needs to be handled with care. It can result in grave penalties and bring problems for a lifetime. Only a seasoned legal professional can get you out of the rut.   

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