Caught on a DUI: What Happens Next?

Have the police stopped you for driving under the influence? If you the police catch you driving drunk, knowing the law can protect you. Here is what happens after the police stop you for a DUI.

When the police stop you, it is a scary experience. If you happen to be a minority, stopping for the police carries a set of risks that others don’t think about, or contend with. When the police stop you and run a breath test, or perform roadside sobriety tests, it is because they suspect you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you fail the roadside tests, here is what should happen next, according to US laws.

What is the Punishment for a DUI?

The rules may differ slightly from state to state. The 8 Steps of a Dui Case in California might differ from the steps in a DUI case in New York. However, the punishments will be similar. If the police catch you and successfully charge you with Driving Under the Influence, you might have restrictions put on your license. The judge could decide to ban you from driving for a set time. They may decide to fine you. If you are a repeat offender, they might even send you to jail. Rehabilitation programs are popular in the states. These help remind you of your responsibilities as a driver.

If the police catch you for a DUI, seeking legal protection is a clever idea. Find an attorney that can help you before you go any farther.

After the DUI – What Happens?

Whether you are speeding in a Lamborghini or drunk behind the wheel of your estate car, this is what happens after you get caught on a DUI.

Immediately After Arrest

When you fail your roadside tests, the police will take you to the nearest station for processing. They may keep you overnight if they find you intoxicated. They may even impound your car. They certainly will not allow you to continue driving. When you are in the station, they will take your fingerprints and your photograph. You may make a phone call to your lawyer and a phone call to tell your family where you are. The station will perform further testing on you to determine how intoxicated you are. They may ask you for a blood or urine test.

After your Release

In the morning, provided there are no other reasons to detain you, you may return home. They will advise you over whether you can use your vehicle and give you a court date. You will appear before a judge, where you will argue your case. You should seek legal representation for this part if you have not already done so. The police may ask you to present your license or other documentation in the interim. The US Department of Transportation handle DUI cases in the US.

Going to Court

In the case of a fine, you may choose to pay the money and forget about the whole thing. In the case of a jail sentence or a ban, you may wish to go to court to argue your case. You will have an administrative hearing, followed by plea negotiations. If none of these go in your favor, you can take it all the way to court. There are options if they catch you in a DUI. It is not over yet.

What Next?

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