Choosing Your Signature Fragrance

Finding your signature fragrance is not the work of a day. It can take trial and error before you find the perfect scent to express what is unique about you. A specially chosen fragrance can send subtle messages about your mood and personality, so it is vital to choose one that reflects how you want people to respond to you on a subconscious level. The experts suggest following several steps when searching for your signature fragrance.

Fragrance Families

Fragrances belong to families. You have probably heard of the terms ‘woody’, ‘floral’, or ‘spicy’ in reference to perfumes. These indicate their general families, although some scents are a mixture of more than one family. But if you can break it down and realise that you dislike floral fragrances, for example, you will know to look at the other families and exclude those that smell like flowers. This is the first step in narrowing down your choices. 

Those scents that smell like citrus are called fresh fragrances. Woody ones tend to have a more masculine and natural note, while florals are considered feminine and more developed or rounded. Spicy scents have warmth and sexiness. 

When these different notes are blended together, they have top, heart, and bottom notes that each arise separately to provide an interesting combination. Feel free to explore some of these mixed fragrances for a more complex choice. It all starts with determining and ruling out what you do not like and trying on a few alternatives until you can distinguish between them.

Perfume Trends

There are certain timeless fragrances that never go out of fashion. Think of Byredo perfume which will turn heads as you walk past people. You are fortunate if you identify closely with one of these as they will always be available. However, there are also trends where some scents are big for a period and then fade out completely. You may prefer trendier perfumes if you are constantly adapting your persona or still arriving at the ancient maxim of ‘Know Thyself”. You may also find that you prefer different aromas at the evolving stages of your life. What suits a twenty-year old girl can differ vastly from a perfume that matches a mature woman. 

One current example of trends is green tea, which is being used as an ingredient in many new perfumes. Social media is a good place to keep your finger on the pulse of fragrance trends. However, when searching for your signature scent, keep in mind that you are looking for a perfume that is uniquely you. At the same time, this could be two or three scents to match your mood on different days or for alternate activities.

Take Time with a Fragrance

Each fragrance you try on will have a different scent on you as opposed to someone else. A chemical reaction occurs between your skin and the perfume which is entirely you. Get a small sample and use a fragrance for at least a week before deciding if it is right or not, for you, not anybody else. Of course, if it gives your partner a headache (and you plan on keeping them), ditch the scent and try again.

However, nothing stops you from choosing two or three fragrances that allow you to express facets of yourself either. Happy shopping! 

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