Cybersecurity And Data Management: What You Need To Know


Let me begin this article by beginning with an example given by a cybersecurity veteran at the FBI- 

‘To boost the security of your new home, you have built a 10 feet wall. The robbers and attackers simply purchased a 20 feet ladder to gain access to the house premises. You go one better and build a 30 feet wall. The robbers go one step ahead and buy a 40 feet ladder. The question then is- where will it end?’

With data management becoming an absolute non-negotiable in modern businesses, cybersecurity mechanisms must be boosted. A home in addition to a big wall needs CCTV cameras, reinforced home security systems, alarms, and maybe a couple of Rottweilers. It is the combination of all these efforts that can prevent a home robbery. 

The same applies to data management solutions. In this article, we are going to look at the relationship between data management and cybersecurity. 

Data Management: Important Factors to look into

  1. Access Points- 

When it comes to data sharing within an organization, who has access and what they are accessing is very important. Experts suggest that using a PKI or Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Certificates can go a long way in ensuring cybersecurity and increasing the security of access points. Organizations should have information on who is accessing the data and how it is going to be maintained. This will ensure a robust cybersecurity ecosystem. 

  1. Ensuring Cloud-Storage Security- 

With most businesses moving to the cloud, organizations must look at the security of the cloud. There are multiple options available in the market. Rather than looking at the storage solution, the size of the drive, and the pricing strategies, it is important that you pay attention to the security of the cloud storage provider. This is something that a cloud solutions provider can help you with. 

  1. Password Protection and Reduction of Human Error- 

Many experts point out that simple mechanisms and approaches can help in strengthening data management policies and processes. Simple things like password protection and strengthening of the same can go a long way in boosting the cybersecurity of your data management processes. It is equally important to reduce human error through periodic training and sessions. This can also be done by bringing in experts from the outside world. 

Understanding of Cybersecurity through the lens of Data Management

Cybersecurity stands for one simple meaning- to prevent unauthorized entry into locations that are deemed important for a business. It stands for protecting a business against all advancements in terms of cyberattacks- phishing, ransomware, malware, and others. You can read more here

According to experts, three main considerations should be followed- 

  • Data Confidentiality-

The first and most important consideration that needs to be made is to make the data confidential. In very simple words, access to the data or any other information should not be public knowledge. Only individuals that have been given access may be through a Digital Certificate or a PKI have access to the same. Data confidentiality is important. 

  • Data Integrity- 

Everything factors into data management. This includes data gathering, data governance, and data security. The completer and more accurate the data, the lower are the chances of it attracting cyberattacks. Every time you are trying to change the data or add and subtract people, you are playing with the integrity of the data. This should be avoided right from the get-go. 

  • Data Availability- 

Most times, organizations are struggling to gather data and make it available to the other teams. They tend to ransack everything from listing sites to the contact forms of websites and LinkedIn. Data availability and how it should be done in the first place is emerging as an important field of activity. Organizations are spending a lot of time, money, and energy ensuring data availability. 

The Bottom Line

Cybersecurity together with Data Management is two buzzwords that are going to dominate the next few years. In this article, we have tried to share some important pointers basis the relationship between data management and cybersecurity. If you wish to know more, let us know in the comments section below. 

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