Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020-01


As the world plunges at breakneck speed into the sphere of digitalization, the role of digital marketing becomes as important as ever. This is especially as digital marketing agencies like Hawaii SEO are gaining popularity and are becoming the go-to choices for businesses worldwide. Long gone are the days of relying solely on physical flyers or posters; it’s time to say hello to content marketing online. As demand and marketing techniques are constantly evolving, staying on top of marketing trends is essential in keeping your business competitive and up to date. Therefore, we have compiled a list of digital marketing trends in 2020 that every business should be aware of. 

Shoppable Posts

The advent of social media has changed the landscape of digital marketing altogether. As the functions of social media have changed from merely connecting with your friends virtually, it has now become a sphere for content marketing that businesses are highly taking advantage of. A platform that was catered to the younger generation from the start, it has now seen an influx of members from the older generation too. As such, companies are able to use these platforms to effectively reach out to their customers of all ages. According to statistics, a whopping 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product on the app, while 70% of Pinterest users have found items on the platform that was new and interesting to them. As such, it is a good tactic for your company to make use of social media to your advantage, and create shoppable posts. With just a tap on their smartphones, customers will automatically be redirected to your website, thus increasing the potential turnover rates.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

In recent years, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has been increasingly popular, emerging as one of the top marketing trends these days. Such trends have allowed customers to visually see their products in their own environment; increasing the potential of customers purchasing their products. For example, certain brands have allowed customers to position their products in their very own house, allowing them to have a visual representation of how it will fit the style and vibe of their homes. In 2020, it has been projected that AR will surpass VR in terms of its popularity and effectiveness, after acknowledging VR’s lead for the past few years.

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Interactive Content

No doubt, interactive content will yield higher profits as customers are visually engaged to thoroughly understand the product better and how it would meet their needs as a consumer. According to a survey, 91% of buyers look out for visual and interactive content, as the novelty of such an experience is exciting and rare. Studies have shown that interactive content helps to increase the time spent on the company’s webpage, and will help to increase the brand’s awareness as customers are more likely to share it with their peers, thus reaching a larger audience. Furthermore, since it is more engaging than traditional and non-dynamic content; buyers find it more enjoyable as they enhance user experience.


Personalized content has recently revolutionized the market, proving as an effective and engaging way to reach out to customers. Buyers tend to ignore and scroll past generic ads that they do not find relatable to them, making them highly ineffective. As such, businesses have since tailored content that is personalized to each buyer and their algorithms, allowing customers to connect with the product and content on a higher level. Email lists are now a thing of the past, as businesses transition into using segmented lists with personalized email blasts to cater to each individual and their personal preferences.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

While this is not a relatively new feature, Google has started Google Ads updates that will soon result in automation and smart bidding as the new standard procedure. Through machine learning, Google Ads are able to analyze data and thereafter, help to optimize your bids. This allows businesses to choose the right conversion action at the campaign level, alter bids automatically when sales start or stop and optimize bids for multiple campaigns with the selected set of conversion actions. This has proven to be an effective way for your business to reach a wider target audience, and help you get closer to your sales target.

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Content Marketing

While this is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign, it is important to continue to create high-quality content and avoid allowing all the new marketing trends to get in the way of your company producing top-notch content. Your content is what reels customers in, and what search engines provide to searches online. As long as your content is engaging and informative, and relatable to your buyers, customers will be easily convinced to trust your brand.

Video Content

As 2020 brings on a set of new marketing trends, let us not forget about the old, diehard ones that continue to be effective — and video content is one of them. A level up from recorded video content would be the recent Instagram and Facebook Live that has been shown to keep your viewers watching about three times the duration compared to traditional recorded content.  Statistics have also shown that live videos have resulted in about six times as many interactions as traditional ones. Hence, if your business has not jumped on the bandwagon yet, it is high time that you should get started on it.

SERP Position Zero

The SERP position zero is a short snippet of text that is positioned above the search results. While this may just provide an overview of your products or branding, it is the key to reeling your customers in. As this may just be the only text that users see when they scroll through top searches, this is highly important as the short summary should be highly concise, engaging, and encapsulate the essence of your brand.


As quickly as the world of marketing changes, it is vital for companies and businesses to be on top of their game and quickly adapt to the new ways of selling their products. As long as companies do so, they will be able to continue to produce high-quality content and attract customers regardless of how the demands change.

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