Four Factors to Consider When Choosing Cloud Video Surveillance system for Your Business


Cloud computing has become the norm for so many businesses. Without proper security for your business, how can it thrive, and how can you protect your assets?

What is cloud video surveillance?

Cloud video surveillance means recording video in a recording server located in another location. It means securing any form of footage by storing it in the cloud, so you can get to watch it later. A suitable cloud video surveillance system allows you to watch a live feed from any location, allows for scalability, is flexible, and stores recordings. 

Benefits of cloud video surveillance systems

  • Installation is easy since you do not require to install any software for it to operate
  • Chances of data loss or hacking are minimal with video cloud surveillance
  • The system uses the latest when it comes to software upgrades, giving you the best service
  • The system is easy to set up and use
  • Criminal activities are minimized
  • Monitoring productivity within the business becomes trouble-free
  • You encounter peace of  mind once you install this system as you can monitor the happenings in and around your business
  • The total IT personnel costs around your business are minimized 
  • Video files can be accessed anywhere using your electronic devices such as your phone or tablet
  • Easy storage of data, particularly those you need to retrieve later
  • Video files are not stored locally hence, your data is not prone to loss

Considerations before choosing a cloud surveillance system for your business


For a cloud-based system, payment comes in the form of purchasing equipment and monthly maintenance fees. The monthly fees are dependent on the number of cameras in place, the type of cameras in us, how long information needs to be stored, and other factors. Different cloud video surveillance techniques require varying investments, while others require minimal maintenance.  

Integration with other systems

The cloud video surveillance system needs to be relevant for your business, for instance, building automation. The system needs to integrate easily into your business as it will bring about more flexibility, flexibility, and scalability.

The ability to evolve

Matters securities are subject to consistent change.  You need to consider a cloud video surveillance system that can provide the most up-to-date solutions for the needs of your business, and its overall operations. Upgrades should also be easy to install to ensure better security, stability, and performance.

Storage capacity

Bear in mind how much in terms of storage you will require. Several factors determine this and some of them could include the number of cameras in the system, the amount of archived footage you need to keep, and the resolution of the camera. Hence, it is vital to have a plan beforehand to know the right capacity your business will need. 


A cloud surveillance system is essential for any business. For this reason, you need to select the right cloud service provider. The right one should have the necessary certifications and standards to show he is qualified for the job, his platform and technology should align with that of your business, and also, they should be reliable and dependable.

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