Guest Posting and Your Rankings: How It Can Affect Them



Guest posting to help boost your overall rankings can be rewarding when done right. Guest posting is a part of inbound marketing which can provide a number of great benefits to your overall website long term. Some benefits you can gain from guest posting include, but aren’t limited to:


  • You can gain a backlink on high authority websites.
  • You can gain organic traffic back to your website.
  • You can be promoted on another person’s social media.
  • You can build better brand/individual reputation.
  • You can become an industry leader by writing high quality content.


While these are many of the great benefits of guest posting, especially from companies like No BS Agency, how can the process really help you and how can the backlink affect your website rankings? Let’s have a look.


A Link’s Value


When you gain a backlink on a website, it’s generally treated by search engines as a vote of confidence. In simple terms it’s like the site you’re linking to is saying that your site has value. This is how Google works in a sense.

So here’s a break down of a link’s worth of rankings based on different types of websites:


  • If a link is tagged as a nofollow backlink, the link is worthless in regards to ranking as it doesn’t allow for link juice to be counted by Google.
  • If a link is from a restricted domain like a government website, it’s worth the highest ranking, but these are generally the hardest to gain access on.
  • If a link is from a website with high quality (DA 50+) it’s worth the second highest points to your ranking.
  • If linking to a site that features a different topic to your own (different niche) it’s worth less than in-niche website backlinking.
  • If linking to another of your own websites, depending on the metrics, it’s worth the least to your ranking.


When looking to link build, it’s important to understand the importance of how different types of websites, as suggested above, can affect your ranking.

Mid Tier Links and Their Value

Middle Tier links are the links that are between high authority websites and low spam websites. These are generally sites within the DA25/DA40 range. These types of sites have recognition in their industry but they aren’t up to influencer status just yet.

These types of sites have two uses, the first one is they can help you gradually and slowly build your SEO value. These sites while they aren’t influencer status, can help you slowly gain quality SEO value over time. The more mid tier links you start to build the stronger your backlink profile and ranking will gain.

The second use of mid tier links is they can help with building and reinforcing trust. Google knows when you’re link building and will monitor any unnatural link profiles. You can gain up to 5 backlinks on a high quality website, but the more you backlink to it, the less value that link will give you as it will start to look unnatural. Instead you need diversity in your link profile, this is where mid tier links are great options as it creates a more natural link profile that can help influence your rankings and push them higher over time.

No Follow Link Value

While nofollow links don’t add any value in regards to link juice back to your website, they can provide value in other ways. The first is to help improve your link diversity. If you have a mix of nofollow and dofollow links back to your website, it’ll look more natural and can help you over time without being suspect in the eye’s of Google. Other indirect value you may get includes more traffic to your website which can lead to more boosts indirectly and more sales and profits if you’re a business.  


Guest posting to gain backlinks is a good idea, and when done right it can affect your rankings. Overall if you add a mixture of high tier, mid tier and nofollow links across your link building efforts you’ll find that you SEO ranking will improve dramatically over time. Are you ready to start your link building efforts?


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