Here Are Some of the Best Renovation Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Complete Makeover



When it comes to kitchen renovations, people normally associate that with gigantic changes around the kitchen or even the complete breakdown, and the eventual redesign procedure of the entire kitchen. However, between those complete makeovers that you plan out for your kitchen, you need to shell out a significant amount of your pocket expenditure. In fact, an average person spends about $12,600 – $33,000 on professional kitchen remodelling procedure. Of course, that does not mean you have to entirely shrug off the need to hire professionals if your kitchen requires renovation on a major scale; but other than that there are numerous small remodelling techniques that you can easily perform yourself without the need to hire an external third party’s assistance.



  • Swap out your old cabinet handles and pulls for new ones


In the kitchen renovation procedure, unlike any other areas of the remodelling process, the minute of changes can impact the overall layout of your kitchen in the most drastic fashion. Swapping out the old cabinet handles or pulls sure sounds like an irrelevant and an unnecessary task; however, kitchen renovation experts say that swapping out the old cabinet handles can make significant positive changes around the kitchen, and impart the feeling of a major makeover. You can look for colourful options or even change the entire design pattern. Instead of the usual silver handles, go for something colourful or just a proper nickel finish that blends in with almost every cabinet.


  • Consider repainting your cabinets


Do you know what would compliment your new cabinet handles and pulls? A new and refreshing cabinet color that makes it a standout from any other items or structure around your kitchen’s space. A proper and a well re-painted cabinet can promote major remodelling vibe to your kitchen. This is primarily because cabinets generally consume a significant space in your kitchen, so, repainting that would certainly make a huge difference in your kitchen. Also, look for bright colors that can liven up the kitchen space and not the other way around.


  • Repaint your kitchen walls


Again, another paint job that you would not want to skip out n. Giving your kitchen walls a new coat of bright and refreshing color can completely revamp your kitchen’s outlook. The color option will primarily depend on one’s preference; however, it is always better if you can avoid dark colors unless you have a very creative mind and can pull off the dark walls with some amazing cabinet color combinations.


  • Install new lightings


Multiple lighting installations can never go wrong unless you screw that up really hard. It does not necessarily have to be mean installing multiple LED household lights around the strategic corners of the kitchen. Instead, go with classic incandescent light bulbs and hang them above the dining space or the working area (non-flammable areas). In addition to just making your kitchen a brighter place, these lighting arrangements can elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic factors and transform its entire outlook as well. You can also use decorative lights on your kitchen’s wall, especially around the dining space to make it a more pleasing area to sit and eat with your family.


  • Treat your smaller appliances as decorative pieces


Small kitchen accessories such as teacups, cookie plates, spoons, and even your regular toasters can transform into exquisite little pieces of decorative items if you give them a splash of a new and refreshing paint job as well. However, don’t goal crazy on the color paints. Instead, make sure they blend in with each other when kept in close proximity to each other.


Renovating/ remodelling your kitchen can be an extremely stressful affair f you do not have any clear concept of what or how to go about the procedure. With the above simple tips, you can get a head start on your kitchen renovation procedure without wasting significant time thinking about what or where to begin.  




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