How Much Do Microsoft Certifications Cost?

I believe you all know about Microsoft products. After all, in our life, most of our desktop and laptop systems are Microsoft systems, and we also use a lot of Microsoft products. I believe you’ve heard about Microsoft certification. So if you want to apply for Microsoft certification, how much is the registration fee? Let’s get to know.

How Much Do Microsoft Certifications Cost?

The single subject registration price of Microsoft Certification exams is USD 80. Microsoft certification is a certification system, in which there are many different certifications, such as MCSD certification, MCSE certification, MCITP certification, MCP certification and so on. The content and number of subjects to be tested for different certifications are also different, so the registration fee is uncertain.

What Is Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft certification is a technology system established by Microsoft in 1992, which is used to promote Microsoft technology, train system network management and application development talents. Before getting the certificate, you have to pass the Microsoft exam here and receive Microsoft certification training. The whole Microsoft certification system includes multiple certifications, such as MCITP certification, MCSD certification, MCP certification, etc. It is the certification with the highest reputation in the IT industry, and the largest number of candidates and applicants.

What Is the Good of Microsoft Certification?

The purpose of Microsoft certification is to cultivate senior professional computer talents. Having the Microsoft certification is not only the certification of their own ability, but also a better opportunity for them to apply for jobs. For example, having the MCSD certification can directly enter the Microsoft to work. What is more, having the MCITP certification means that the candidates have excellent practical technology and professional technology for Microsoft products. When they are looking for a job, they have more opportunities. 

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