How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? The Prices You Can Expect


How much do solar panels cost? On average, from start to finish, solar panels can cost between $15,000 and $25,000.

However, with a vast range like that, how can you expect to know what you’re going to pay? Keep reading to learn about the many factors that go into figuring out your solar cost.

How much energy does your family use each month? What type of appliances do you have: electric or gas? How many people live in your home?

You need to know the answer to these questions to determine if you’ll generate enough energy to go solar. It’s okay if you don’t generate enough to cover all electrical needs, as long as you cover half the cost of solar panels, and going solar will be worth it.

Where Are You Located?

If you’re in Nevada with a long summer and more sun, you will generate more energy than someone in the midwest.

You also need to consider the sun’s location in relation to your home. For example, if you’re in a shady area with lots of trees or have buildings that cast shadows on your property, you’ll get less than someone with an open plot.

Type of Solar Panel

Of course, you’re going to be looking for the best solar panels to install on your home. Choose to install monocrystalline panels if you have limited roof space because they’re more efficient but cost more. If you have a large roof and a lot of sun, you can save some money by choosing polycrystalline panels.

You can also expect solar panel prices to vary depending on the size of your solar panels. Larger ones are going to cost more to buy and install. Be sure you understand these costs before choosing the type of panel that will work for your home. 

Solar Panels Save Money

As you consider the upfront cost of solar panels, make sure you also think about how much you’ll save in the long run. Some people who switch to solar energy will get energy bills that are $0. 

You’ll also get tax credits and sometimes even rebates when you go solar, depending on the state you live in. 

So, How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The best way for you to figure out the exact cost of solar panels is to hire a company specializing in installing solar panels in residential properties. Many companies offer financial help when going solar and will be able to help you determine the best panels and placements on your home.

Go Solar Today

How much do solar panels cost? Now you know! Remember to find a company that can help you find the right solution when buying solar panels, and that while the upfront cost may seem scary, you’ll save money over time.

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