How To Avoid Bonus Abuse In An Online Casino


A good number of reputable online casinos like Novibet offer bonuses to their players and it’s one of the reasons why peeps choose to play online. However, in the long run, these casinos are businesses and a crucial part of their jobs is to ensure that bonuses are not abused by players.

Meanwhile, the term bonus abuse has different interpretations and is relative to any particular online casino in question. Here are rules that must be observed to ensure that you don’t end up on the list of bonus abusers.


  1. Endeavor to observe the rules of a bonus, never break any.

It is the player’s responsibility to peruse the terms and conditions of a claimed bonus and adhere to them. The purpose of these terms is to ensure that players have a fair chance of ending up on the winning side.

Therefore, it is in the place of the casino to deny you any winnings that may accrue from the games played if you violate any terms of a bonus.

The player must ensure that he understands all the terms and conditions associated with a bonus. You must ensure you adhere to all the rules that have been laid down. If any questions arise in the process, it is wise to ask for clarification from the support department of the online casino.


  1. Make deposits without a bonus regularly.

A player must be mindful of the bonuses he claims within a short period of time to avoid being banned. This is very much applicable to bonuses with terms like a low playthrough or high match percentage.


Therefore, it is advisable to opt for playing without bonuses from time to time to avoid being labeled as a bonus abuser.


  1. Avoid making significant changes to your bet sizing during a playthrough.

Let’s use this scenario to explain properly: For instance, a player aims to win $500 on a $200 deposit. He initially claims a 100% match bonus and proceeds to start with a $250 bankroll.

He then identifies a particular table game and wagers till he hits the $500 mark. He then does a spin on the slot at the smallest bet also known as grinding until he reaches his wagering requirement.

The number of casinos that have placed restrictions on placing big bets on bonuses due to grinding is on the increase. One must also endeavor to avoid grinding even if bet sizing is not mentioned in the terms and condition to enable them to enjoy offers from the site.


  1. Make it a habit not to always cash out immediately you hit a playthrough.

It is obvious that a player can decide to withdraw his funds once he clears the wagering requirements on a bonus. However, if the casino observes that this is a habit that is prevalent within a short time span, they may withdraw the promotion.

This is not a norm amongst reputable casinos though. Regardless, one must consider extending their playtime beyond the stipulated wagering requirements after a bonus win.

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