Is Working from Home the New Normal in the Business World?

As many nations across the globe begin to reopen companies and enter a period of recovery, the issue many now confront is what is the new “normal” and what precautions put in place to avoid a spread should stay in place. Businesses around the world have proven that they have COVID-19 safety measures. They have plexiglass barriers where needed, space for employees for the social distancing rule, one-way systems etc. One good factor out of many is that you can employ people from all around the country, therefore you will get a whole range of skill levels for the job. 

As soon as more data is available, we’ll take a look at it to see if it’s possible to use remote working more widely in the long term; many businesses may only be able to handle this temporarily. Alternatively, we may be able to use it on a smaller scale for short periods of time to see if it’s possible. However, a transition to digital platforms has allowed for an acceleration in the adoption of remote working in the long term, which is dependent on present infrastructure and how well people embrace the change.

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A four-day work week and remote working schedule have been suggested as possible ways to boost productivity and employee satisfaction in some industries. However, the experiment is just a dry run, and there are still many challenges to overcome before it can become a long-term trend. Nonetheless, it is currently a waiting game until the bigger scale opening takes place; however, increased support from workers and good experiences from employers might lead to the remote working employee becoming the next significant step for many firms in the future.

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