John Eilermann St Louis Construction President Leading The Way Out Of Pandemic

When John Eilermann St Louis company McBride homes new CEO and Chairman took over back in November of 2019, he promised a great many things for the company. Much like so many in the construction world, this was all firmly derailed back in March of last year as Covid hit, and completely stopped any plans which the new president may have had, in their tracks.

Over the last 12 months however John and his team have not stopped working and McBride looks to be in a position of strength following the acquisition of some land deals in the area. Missouris’ largest home builder however, has a new incentive for the future and that is the arrival of the ex-president’s son Jake, who will now takeover as president. 

Been Around The Business

Speaking on the arrival of his son to the business, John was keen to stress just how ready Jake is for this role, stating that he has been around the business for long enough to know how it operates;

“Jake has shown true dedication and leadership throughout his years at McBride,” stated John F. Eilermann Jr., CEO and Chairman at McBride Homes. “He has played an integral role in the growth of our company, including the success of our world-class Design Studio.”

New Era, New Challenges

There are many in the company who firmly believe that for the new challenges which the company is facing, that some new blood would be the best approach and this is exactly why Jake has joined the team. John went on to discuss why he feels that Jake is more than ready for the task, and what he has already contributed towards McBride. 

“Today’s announcement recognizes the significant contribution that Jake has brought to McBride Homes,” added Eilermann. “I believe his broad experience and proven leadership will be invaluable and play a critical role when helping guide the company’s day-to-day operations.”

Challenges on the Horizon

These are certainly tough times for us all and just about every industry has been heavily impacted by what has happened over the past 12 months. The uncertainty in the market is the toughest thing here and that is why construction companies are unsure how to proceed in the coming months and years. Many projects have been put on hold and there are going to be some tough decisions coming in the future for people like the new president. 

It is clear however that the company have faith in Jake and of course the surname has a reputation of delivering success time and time again. What we can assume is that no matter what strategy the company does decide to take, they will always have the interest of the company at heart and will continue to work on ensuring that it is both profitable and secure in their actions. 

Good luck to the new president of McBride homes, we have no doubt he’ll do well. 

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