Making Your Business More SEO Friendly in 2020


SEO, or search engine optimization, has been around since the early years of online businesses. When professionals started learning how search engines worked and impacted the traffic and growth of a brand, companies have used this to their benefit. As time progresses, and search engines evolve, there are still relevant practices in SEO that are crucial while other aspects are changing and need to be understood, studied, and followed. Here are some tips to help your business more SEO friendly in 2020.

Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerhouse that is ever-present all over the internet. Having an online presence is crucial for any business, and experts in SEO have understood this importance for developing and growing an online brand. You have to utilize the available tools and platforms at your disposal, and social media provides just that, attracting users to sites which will create more traffic data for search engines to acknowledge and increase your site’s visibility. Social media hasn’t always been a priority of SEO practices, but as time progresses, it is becoming a more important and versatile tool.

More Engaging Content

Content has always had a role to play when it comes to SEO. it has been from the start one of how you continue to gain and attract new users. Building off links is fine, but as consumers are made to make smarter decisions, there are ways to properly and improperly go about link building. The content of a useful and engaging quality needs to be sufficient to entice users to explore your link network. Using links without consideration will look sloppy and obvious to readers and users. Having strong content will serve useful and engaging, resulting in more time spent on your pages and translating to higher rankings, returning 

users, and more traffic. 


Building A Community

Building a community is extremely important to your online presence. It is not always going to be associated with search engine optimization practices, but it will act as a supplementary feature to encourage users and consumers to continue to use and share your websites and pages. Creating a community helps users find the answers they are looking for and continually contributing and passing along other useful information. Retaining customers is a lot cheaper and more effective than losing a consumer and having to replace them or entice new ones to your brand. All of this is significant to the growth and development of a business trying to establish itself online.

Fluid User Experience

Search engine optimization encompasses a multitude of practices used to market to online users. The main aspects that most professionals cover are link building and content creation. One aspect that gets overlooked is the fluidity of the user interface as it translates to better user experience. Your websites and pages must be properly formatted to help the user find what it is they are looking for and increase their overall experience when dealing with your brand. Of course, you want users to spend more time on your pages as this will analytics to acknowledge that, but if users are not able to properly navigate your sites, or if the systems are unable to read your pages to present them on their search engine results pages, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Make sure that your website is optimized for both customers and search engines and your SEO ranking will see the rewards.

Providing Useful Information

One of the most effective ways to rank highly in search engines through increased optimization is to provide answers. There are many questions posed online, whether through the search engines themselves or forums and discussion boards. When a user types in a question to their search bar, google provides answers to that question or similar ones like it. This provides users with these queries a resource that provides them the answer usually at the top of their page. To get this position, you have to ensure that you garner the traffic for it, and to get more and more people to your webpage, you want to provide the answer in a strong amount of detail, and preferably in a numbered or listed form. If you can answer the questions posed by users, you are likely to gain this coveted space above others.


Marketing will always be important as long as society is driven by consumerism. There are many different strategies to employ and search engine optimization is still a very effective tool. There are certain changes that you need to make to continue to grow and stay relevant, so ensure that your brand is flexible to adapt.


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