New Opportunities Grow for Remote Workers

Working habits aren’t ones that go through regular change, and it takes something substantial to cause a shift, and that’s exactly what happened eighteen months ago with the global health crisis and a major shift to working habits occurred with remote working becoming a possibility on a more permanent basis. The change led to many countries around the world launching new remote working visas and allowing professionals easier travel with guides at identifying the best places to visit and the best ways to visit them, but what does this mean for the new opportunities available to remote workers, and are they likely to be a permanent fixture?

The first thing to note may be the more temporary changes and the trial periods that are going on – the first being the proposed change to a four-day working week particularly amongst remote employees. It has been trialled in a number of different countries and by a number of different business to great success, but for many may only look to be a temporary adjustment in the well-established five-day week. For digital nomads and location independent business, however, the opportunity to change is much easier and may become something more unique to this lifestyle, and those who are able to have more freedom over their working time and may be able to pursue this option.

Location comes in a second, the increased number of different remote working visas for different countries and the flexibility they offer has been key to offer new opportunities, some that have emerged are more on the expensive side and individuals looking to explore these options must have rather substantial income to make it viable, but there are many cheaper options out there too. For those looking to travel whilst working, these remote working visas will only look to expand further as the approach becomes normalised and are welcome to accepting new visitors – particularly post COVID where it may help surrounding local business and other industries too. 

Finally come the changing work opportunities – businesses around the world are looking to expand hiring to locations that they may not have done so before as hiring practices have changed with remote working making it increasingly possible for many to keep their jobs at home whilst on the road, or even find jobs very far afield when in a different country entirely.

It’s an exciting period of opportunities for workers in general as there’s a big shift occurring for more a focus on work life balance, with the life portion becoming more important – experts have suggested this is just the start of change too, with possibility for big adjustments to come in the future.

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