Re-Imagining Your Financial Future

The shift from hunter-gatherer tribes to an agrarian society had a profound effect on humanity. For centuries upon centuries human beings existed by gathering or harvesting what was readily available in their surrounding area. Once the food had been gathered and protein was supplied the tasks for the day were largely complete. There was time for rest and relaxation, for social sharing and for storytelling and dancing around the fire at night.

Then, in recent times, the agrarian kingdom began to take hold. Instead of equality among the tribe members a new system of feudal lords and serfs emerged. People of the village became cogs in the farming and food production machine. Days were long and the tasks were endless. Land was now owned and the rich became richer while the poor suffered and their humanity was ignored. The tectonic shift from hunter-gatherer to our new agrarian world reduced people to replaceable parts in a machine instead of valued members of a tribe.

How to Reboot Your Life and Create a New Future

Fortunately, it is possible to create your own new reality in life. It’s interesting to take a blank slate and spend some time re-imagining how different life could be. What do you really need to live? Food, water, love, shelter and community. When you start with those elemental necessities you can easily craft a way of being where you can live comfortably without spending much money at all. Imagine buying your own piece of land and putting an alternative dwelling on your acreage. You might select a geodesic dome and a yurt or Mongolian ger. You can buy both for less than $15 thousand in total. Install solar and you have your electricity. Drill a well or use a catchment system for water and set up a composting toilet. You now have the essentials for around $25 thousand. In many cities that’s what you would pay for rent in one year. Assuming it lasts 10 years, you basically have rent for one year with nine years free.

Make Smart Decisions That Free Up Cash

Credit card debt is part of what keeps us working so much. It’s worth getting a side hustle or second job to quickly pay down your credit card debt. If you eliminate monthly payments that service credit cards at 18 to 24 percent interest you quickly find that you have more than enough money to live. When you reduce your housing costs to buy one year get nine free and you eliminate credit card payments you begin to have real freedom in your life. 

If you are a parent with a child or children starting at or are enrolled in college, you’ll want to make smart decisions about how to pay for their education. It’s likely that your child will receive a mix of financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and money from federal programs. Instead of paying the difference between the cost for the year and the aid money in cash, it’s better to have your son or daughter take out private student loans that allow you to spread out the expense of education over time. There are different types of private loans available from banks, financial companies and credit unions.

Financial Freedom Equals Amazing Choices

What would life be like if you didn’t have a rent or mortgage payment? How would you feel if you had no credit card debt? If you structure your life this way you open up to immense possibilities, to your own personal Field of Dreams. With no rent or mortgage and no credit card payments you can finally choose exactly what you want to do in life. Instead of needing to make $6,000 a month maybe now you only need $1,500. If you find a side hustle that pays $30 per hour now you only have to work 50 hours per month. If you are a couple, you only have to work 25 hours each. You would then have all the free time you need to do what you truly love, share companionship with friends and community and celebrate just how beautiful and free life can really be.

What Next?

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