Reasons you should be using a Digital Asset Management system

If you haven’t heard of a DAM, or Digital Asset Management, it’s a relatively simple piece of software that could save your team a lot of time, energy, and ultimately money. offers a DAM tool that allows teams to collaborate seamlessly (which is never more important than right now, with so many of us working from home or remotely) by having all digital assets stored in the cloud, easily accessible. Here are a few reasons you need to be using a DAM this year. 

Filing systems

Designers are creative people, but they are not always in the same logical headspace as people who work in admin for example, and their filing conventions might not make any sense at all to other people who need to action the newly-designed assets. With a DAM system you can add tags and decide on a consistent naming convention to ensure that everyone knows where to find the file they need, and which is the most recent version. You can search via the channel (eg., website, social, events, etc), the campaign name, who they were produced by, and even the usage rights. Whatever they are looking for, it will be easy to find, therefore saving time and frustrations. 


Things can easily slip through the net, but small mistakes can have costly repercussions. Bynder allows you to protect your brand’s reputation by setting up permissions that mean that everyone can only see the approved assets relevant to them. This means that the risk of unapproved content being published is minimal. You can even set expiration dates when sharing content internally, or externally and track the sharing history if needed. 

Easy downloads

It’s important that the right sizing and format is used for the right platform when publishing on social media, so Bynder gives you the ability to download your assets in the preset formats, with options to crop or edit as needed. Again, this saves a lot of time and means less tedious work for your design teams. You will vastly speed up the time in which you can get content out quickly, but with consistently high quality. It allows everyone to work more efficiently, which can only be a good thing for morale. 

Access anywhere

Because the assets are saved in the cloud, it means that no one needs to have a specific device or be hooked up to a certain network to access them. It means that if someone is unable to use their work laptop for example, or needs to jump on and do a task while out of town, they just need to log on and access it in the same way they would if they were on a desktop computer in the office. 

A DAM tool gets rid of a lot of barriers, and also allows teams to take a more proactive approach in getting content out. This means things can be published more quickly and the desired effect can be maximised. 


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