Should You Own A Firearm: Top Arguments Given By Rights Advocates


The debates on possession and non-possession of guns and other firearms have been highlighted by lawmakers, journalists, and media outlets. Both parties have put forward strong arguments stating the pros and cons of the same. 

Rights advocate strongly associate gun ownership with a sense of personal freedom. They equate ownership as something that was guaranteed to them by the founding fathers of the American democracy. 

As someone who has started to engage with the idea of owning a firearm, I dug deeper and did some research on some of the arguments given in favor of gun ownership. 

  • Gun Ownership and the Guarantee of Personal Protection and Safety

The first and probably the most important argument advanced in favor of gun ownership is the personal protection and safety of the family. 

Do you know why nations stockpile nuclear weapons? We all know that the next time a nuclear weapon is used, the world will come to an end. Yet, nuclear weapons are created. The defense is that the same acts as a deterrence for rogue nations to attempt to disturb the peace and stability. 

Gun ownership and its guarantee for personal protection also aim to do something similar. No one wants to be dependent on the law enforcement agencies knowing that all it takes is a few seconds to determine life and death outcomes. 

If you are a father who has a beautiful wife and children in your house, you would want to keep them protected. Yes, storing your gun safely matters and is non-debatable. However, knowing that the first line of defense is already in place is a great idea.

  • Freedom, Rights, and Gun Ownership: What does it mean?

As we have already pointed out, most gun owners and advocates equate gun ownership with personal liberty. Well, one thing is clear- if it is legal according to federal and state law, why should you not do it?

Having debates and discussions around things that have been legally given to us by the Constitution of the land means that everyone has a right to do the same. 

The day the same is amended or removed, gun ownership will become illegal. However, till then, there is no harm in owning something that is sanctioned by the laws and courts of the land. The Second Amendment that came into force in 1791 has given Americans the right to bear arms for personal protection. 

It, however, is also very clear on the fact that if you have been convicted or are mentally unfit, the same right cannot be extended to you. 

  • Owning a Gun can be a Life Skill and a Hobby- 

If you are thinking that owning a gun is all about keeping it in storage then you are wrong. Heading out to a gun range with your firearm and shooting the same for target practice can be quite an exhilarating life experience. 

This is something that is similar to taking a race car to a track and going fast in controlled conditions. Yes, you would require a holster, safety glasses, and noise cancellation headgear. However, it is all something that gives you quite a rush. 

Looking at the We the People Holsters review can give you an idea about the kind of holster you should own and carry. It is important to pay attention to what the experts are saying. If you are a first-time gun owner, experts suggest that going to a gun range can help you learn a lot of things. 

Storing your firearm safely, cleaning the same with tools, and other safety precautions can be taught by experts in a controlled environment. This is something that all gun owners should look to do. 

The Final Word

Whether you are looking to own a gun or not is a completely personal decision. We all want our family to be safe at all times. If having a firearm makes you feel that it can help increase their safety, then the law allows you to do the same. If there are other reasons that you would like to give both in favor or against gun ownership, let us know in the comments section below. 

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