SYPWAI as a way to work in a friendly team

Artificial Intelligence has taken off in our century. It is now difficult to imagine life without virtual assistants. Developments are aimed at improving the quality of human life.

There are many companies on the market engaged in the development and improvement of AI. One of these companies is SYPWAI.

About the company

SYPWAI ( is a company that performs data analysis and neural network training for the development of artificial intelligence. The firm was previously little known, but is now undergoing active development. In 2018, after receiving a $90 million grant, the products were launched for open testing.

SYPWAI’s platform is now used by people from all over the world, with the number reaching several million. The company is successfully competing with other well-known AI firms, and is already ahead of some.

The platform provides its services not only to highly specialized niche firms, but also to well-known multinational companies. SYPWAI enables it to take business to the next level by streamlining workflow and integrating machine intelligence.

Company personnel

The success of a firm always depends on its staff.

The platform is serviced by 3,000 people around the world. The company employs renowned scientists. The success of the company hinges to a large extent on the fact that the employees take the initiative and put forward new suggestions and ideas. They are not afraid to point out inaccuracies, flaws in the work process or shortcomings of the programs being implemented, and suggest solutions. Representatives from all over the world work for the company – this allows the management team the opportunity to hear the opinions of people who have different perceptions of the situation.

To ensure that the staff’s work yields good results, the firm’s workflow is built on IT company principles. Each department is responsible for its own development. This allows them to concentrate on one thing at a time, without losing sight of important details and nuances.

The company’s clients

The development of artificial intelligence is an area where the consumers of the products are not the least of the worries. Without a doubt, the opinions of experts in the field are taken into account when algorithms are being developed. But customer feedback is very important. People around the world leave feedback, make recommendations, and point out shortcomings. The company values the opinion of the consumers for whom it designs its programs. Creative suggestions help SYPWAI look at its work from a different perspective.

How to join the SYPWAI team

There are two ways of getting involved in the development of the company: as a user or as a professional.

If you want to work with the company as a user you will need to:

  • ask your regional manager for a referral link;
  • purchase the appropriate device and install the application;
  • register and follow the instructions.

By actively working in the company, you can get a supplement to your basic earnings in the region of $600.

If you want to be part of the SYPWAI team as a professional, you will need to have a degree in a relevant field and excel in scientific work. Commitment and initiative are also important.

Before joining the firm, you will have to go through a selection process. Only the best of the best remain in the company. The management team of the platform often turns to specialist universities to find young, talented and ambitious professionals.

SYPWAI is a close-knit family of highly qualified professionals. The administration speaks very warmly of the staff. The key secret of the organization is that much of its success depends on its close-knit team.

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