Tech to Keep You Productive When You’re Working from Home

Working from home has become a new trend for companies around the world. And even though many of us had dreamed of being able to work from our lounge in our pajamas, it’s not as easy as it looks from the outside. When you go to a physical office and are surrounded by your colleagues, it is easy to stay focused and motivated. At home, it is a completely different story. There are just too many distractions and on top of that, our mind is trained to go to relax mood at home.   

The single people among us may have been able to cope with this better but I truly feel for the married with children. With the schools still closed and children needing constant attention, it is in no way a piece of cake to be working from home like we used to believe. If you add a couple of pets to the mix that makes things even more complicated because you can reason with a child but a pet does not understand that you need to work when you are home.

Then comes the resources required for you to work efficiently from home. The first thing you need is an internet connection you can trust and if you get lots of calls from clients then maybe even a landline phone that you can dedicate for work calls only. In case you are looking for such bundled offers that include internet and home phone, we recommend you check if Spectrum is available in your area. Spectrum bundles are economical and provide you with top of the industry services that will not let you down. Their standard internet connection starts at 100Mbps download speed and offers unlimited data allowance. Likewise, the home phone offers unlimited local and long-distance calling.

Once you have the internet and home phone sorted it is time to look at the rest of your office setup that can be the difference between you working at full productivity and not wanting to work at all.

A Table and Chair

Yes, this seems obvious that you need a table and chair but believe you me I know many people who do not bother getting one. They would instead go around the house working on the bed or the couch or on the patio or anywhere they like. It seems very fascinating in the head that you can work from literally anywhere. However, it can have adverse effects on both your health and productivity. When working from home for prolonged periods, you need to spend some money on a sturdy and ideally adjustable table, as well as an ergonomic seat cushion for office chair. Your shoulders and lower back will thank you for it.

Wi-Fi Router

We have already spoken about a reliable, high-speed internet connection that comes with an unlimited data plan. However, these days we barely use a wired connection since there are always a few devices in use all the time. Therefore, for you to experience seamless connectivity in your office space, you need to ensure that you have a good Wi-Fi router that provides coverage in every corner of the house. If you feel your current router is not doing the job, you want to look into Wi-Fi extenders or mesh systems, whichever suits your needs better.

Backup Internet

You may think I am going overboard here but trust me when you are working from home you need to be a little overboard, because if your internet connection gives up and you are not in the office then the lost hours of productivity are totally on your head. You will still need to submit that monthly report on time even if that means you go to the local bar in the middle of the night to finish up. So save yourself the hassle and devise a backup strategy in case your broadband connection gives. You do not necessarily have to buy a mobile hotspot device. If you own a smartphone and have a mobile data plan then that should do in emergencies. However, if you face internet outages often then consider buying a device as well as switching your internet provider.

Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor

If you are using a laptop then you need to listen to me very carefully. You have to get yourself a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. There is another way about it. It may seem convenient in the short term because you can easily carry your laptop around the house without any cords attached but the ergonomics will not work in the long-run. Your health will suffer much when you are hunched over a laptop for hours at end, every day, for months.

Headphones / Earphones

When you are working from home there are bound to be several video conferences, audio calls, voice messaging, and whatnot. You will need a good pair of headphones or earphones (whichever works for you) that will ensure optimal call quality. You do not want to be the one creating all the commotion in the team meeting, do you? Choose a pair that fits you properly, is comfortable and the sound is good too.


Cybercrimes have been on the rise in the past few years. Our office networks have several layers of security and are constantly monitored to ensure our online safety at all times. However, at home, that level of security is not available. Therefore, it is up to us to ensure that we do whatever is possible for us to keep all sensitive data secure. You must use anti-virus software, a VPN, and possibly a hardware firewall as well.


A dimly lit room may seem to calm you when you are just watching TV or lounging around with family. However, it can be a huge struggle when you are trying to write a three thousand words blog. Therefore, if your office space is not properly lit then invest in some good lighting that will help wake you up and keep you active throughout the day, not make you want to curl up into a blanket and sleep for a few hours.


These are the bare minimums of setting up an office space at home. As you spend more time at home, you will figure out other things that you may need in your office to enhance your efficiency and productivity.

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