The 2021 COP26 Climate Change Conference In Glasgow

The representatives of more than 150 countries were in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to endorse a system of how world leaders can fight climate change. The agreement was known as the Earth Summit which required all of the members to undertake research and development to help achieve certain international goals. According to the information from Utility Bidder, each one of these meetings is known as a “conference of the parties” or COPs.

Memorable Moments Of Conference Of The Parties

In 1997, new targets and techniques were chalked out in COP3 in Kyoto. Not all of the world leaders were engaged in these goals at that time. But research and developmental goals were analysed and agreed upon by experts. The COP3 in Kyoto was a groundbreaking conference because this was when the leaders realised that the agreement made in Rio de Janeiro, five years ago, was not as comprehensive or decisive as it should have been.

Bill Clinton along with Al Gore had no motives to persuade the Senate to influence the Earth Summit agreement as long as they were not a part of it. Many developing countries were reluctant to become a part of an agreement the United States was not ready to accept. The only countries left in the Earth Summit agreement were the European Union and a few other countries. All of these members combined represented only 15% of the global carbon emissions which meant that all of their efforts would be useless unless the global powers did not participate.

The COP21 took place in Paris in 2015. This was one of the first times that so many world leaders were at the table to discuss the environment. Some of the parties attending the Paris conference were political archrivals at the time, but they put their political agendas aside in favour of the global environment. Many of these leaders vowed to set up a plan to combat global warming and bring that plan to a conclusion by a certain year.

The Importance Of COP26 Meeting In Glasgow, Scotland

The Earth Summit that began in Rio de Janeiro was almost 30 years ago. The world has seen an unprecedented change in weather and climate during this time. The world has also been impacted by the greenhouse emissions that have entered into the atmosphere in the last 30 years by some of the world’s largest countries and organisations. Some of the world leaders have made progress in revising their goals and implementing new methods to combat global warming.

Some of the largest countries in terms of population, such as India and China, have yet to agree to the goals proposed in the Paris Agreement. President Biden seems to be eager to participate in the Glasgow conference. The world will have its eyes on the countries that are still using fossil fuels to generate energy which contributes to the effects of global warming. The world will also be watching how the biggest countries and organisations plan to help out the smaller nations and organisations play their part in achieving a positive role to influence climate change.

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