The Fundamentals Of Golf A Beginner Should Know


Golf is a rather controversial sport. For starters, many people don’t even think of it as a sport, despite the physical effort it often entails. Most also think it is an easy game to play and that anyone could do it. Needless to say, their opinion changes once they step into a golf course and try it themselves. In any case, regardless of your take on it, golf is a pretty exciting game that requires finesse and skill. If you want to delve into that world, there are some essentials that you need to understand first.

Getting the Gear 

Before setting off to play golf, you need to get the necessary gear to play the game. This obviously starts with the clubs. There are beginner sets designed for that purpose –– giving beginners every club they might need at that level of the game to get off on the right foot. Another option that some people prefer is assembling their own set, which might be a bit more challenging. If you plan on doing so, you need to get second-hand golf clubs to save some money. In any case, the set you should get as a beginner needs to include a sand wedge, cavity back irons, a putter, and a driver. You should also get a fairway wood because you will probably need it.

After that, you need a golf bag, and no, it is not a luxury for just wealthy people. If you plan on playing golf, you need a golf bag to carry your clubs and protect them, which is important because they don’t exactly come cheap. Next, get golf balls since you have to bring yours to the course. Don’t forget golf clothes, too, a shirt, comfy pants, and golf shoes –– some people bring along golf gloves as well to prevent blisters, though they are not obligatory.

Understanding the Game

Golf isn’t exactly like football where one team has to put the ball in the net of the opposing team. It is a bit more complicated than that, and you will need to make some effort to understand the fundamentals of the game so you could play it. As explained on, you can do that at first by reading articles about the game and how it is played. This will help you understand the fundamentals of golf like the swing and how to save par, which are crucial aspects of your gameplay once you get the hang of things.

Taking Lessons 

When it comes to golf, this is not a game that you can learn on your own. It is important that you take lessons right away if you want to make any progress with the game at a rapid pace. The problem with trying to learn golf on your own is how easy it is to develop bad habits like bad posture and incorrect swings. Those can be much harder to get rid of down the line and they would hamper your progress. This is why you need an experienced professional early on showing you how to do everything right, from holding the club to positioning your body to hit the ball. You need such a professional to point out the errors in your posture and technique, which will help you improve your game quickly. You can then practice what you learn, including your putting and the correct golf downswing sequence, on your own or when you are playing rounds of golf with your friends

Fitness Counts

As we said earlier, golf is actually a physical game, albeit not as much as soccer or basketball, but it requires a certain degree of fitness to get things done. You walk great distances, often in the heat, and you will need to be in good shape to do that. Even if you use golf carts, you still need fitness to play the game itself. The golf swing takes a toll on your shoulders, back, and arms, not to mention hips and legs, as well as core muscles. 

This is why golfers stretch before they start hitting, and it is important that you try and stay in shape if you want to play the game without suffering from cramps or joint pain. Last but not least, focus on your short shots. Many of the shots you will be making will be within 50 yards of the green, which is why you need to practice those the most. Unlike movies, this is where the real skill comes in, not the long epic shots. 


You need to take your time with golf and practice as much as you can. The game is tough to master, but with dedication and consistency, you will get there. Just remember to enlist the help of a qualified teacher that could guide you properly, and to go over these tips before you begin your golfing venture.

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