The most important religious philanthropists


Religious philanthropists carry out a number of duties: not only to provide for their cause but also to represent their religion or beliefs as a whole. This is particularly the case if they are a religious leader and not just a follower or member of that faith. One of the most important features of any religion is the value of charity. Looking out for those in need of help and regularly donating charity is a prized quality that is held by most major religions. With that in mind, here are some of the most important religious philanthropists in recent times. 


Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

This Israeli-American philanthropist and rabbi has had a profound effect on his community, both nationally and abroad. He set out to develop a closer understanding between Christians and Jews in Israel, under the name of his charity the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. This charity has helped with some brilliant local causes, such as providing dairy and fruit products for the elderly in Israel, during the Shavuot holiday. They have continued to rally their cause despite speculations about the CEO’s Yael Eckstein salary



Those who are not partial to the music of U2 may eye-roll at the suggestion of Bono as a religious philanthropist; however, his influence should not be understated. Band Aid, Live 8 and Live Aid were all significant cultural events that raked in incredible amounts of money for charitable causes. He has claimed that his drive to help the poor and push politicians to support charitable causes is down to his Christian faith. 



Oprah is famed for being one of the most generous TV hosts in the business, and she is also a force for good when it comes to illuminating major worldwide causes. She’s even gone as far as giving away houses and cars to willing audience members. She has used her Christian values to create the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, which aims to help those who have been left with absolutely nothing


Bob Edmonton 

Rather than a celebrity who happens to be religious, this man is known for founding Christian Vision. In fact, his ministry is said to have made him worth over £500 million in the United Kingdom. He spreads the word of God through numerous media outlets, and he is also said to be a generous donator to numerous charities and causes, specifically to those who build schools in his home country. 


When it comes to religious philanthropists, the list could go on. Many A-list celebrities are quietly religious, which may contribute to their reasoning when it comes to generous philanthropy. However, the real hero, when it comes to charitable causes, is the average Joe. As a tax-paying citizen, you are incredibly likely to contribute to a number of charities, either for religious or non-religious reasons. However, it has been found that a large portion of charity donors are themselves a member of a faith. So, if you donate regularly, and follow a particular faith, you can count yourself as an important religious philanthropist too. 

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