Things To Do After A Car Accident



You probably don’t have an idea of how a car accident can significantly affect your life until you experience such an incident. According to Statista, over 128 million Americans drive to work every day. Just imagine millions of people’s lives at risk of getting involved in a car accident daily. This is why it’s important to know the essential things you need to do after a car accident. 

Whenever you can, take photographs of the accident scene, exchange information with the other party, and notify the insurance company about the incident. Check out Consumer Insurance Report to make sure you have the right insurance to protect you in an accident.

Below are the important things you have to do if you’re involved in a car accident to best safeguard your life, your rights, and your future. 


Stop and Protect the Car Accident Scene 


While your instinct will tell you to drive away, don’t do it. Stay within the scene of the accident, even if it is a minor one. Make sure that you and all your passengers are in a safe situation. Set up flares or keep your flashers working to prevent further accidents. 


Before anything could happen, it’s important to be prepared with all the things you need to keep you safe while waiting on the road. You need to have a flashlight, or you can use the torch of your smartphone to provide lighting so other motorists can see you. 


Call the Emergency Services and the Authorities


If your mobile phone is still intact or working, dial the emergency number or 911. Tell the exact location of where you are and if there are passengers with you. Also, report how many vehicles are involved in the accident and if there are people who you think are severely injured and would need prompt medical assistance. 


Never attempt to move an unconscious passenger if you don’t have any medical background. Doing so may aggravate the person’s condition that can result in spinal cord injury or brain injury. It is best to contact and wait for the emergency response team to arrive. If there are passengers who are bleeding but conscious, you can apply pressure to the area to reduce blood loss. 


Calling the police is a smart thing to do because you need a police report to properly document everything that happened before, during, and after the incident. All vehicles involved in the car accident should stay in the scene unless they are interfering with traffic.


Always Provide Accurate Information


A car accident is a shocking experience, but you have to stay calm to be able to provide accurate information to the authorities. Police officers will be asking you some questions when they arrive. It’s important to tell them what exactly happened without making guesswork or assumptions. Do not misstate facts. If you’re not sure of anything, inform the police officer. 


For example, the authorities will ask you to narrate the chronological events of the car accident, and if you’re not sure of the details, tell them that you need time to remember the details. Contact one of the most trusted and reputable car accident lawyers in your local area to help you.


Here are some ways a car accident lawyer can help you when making your statement before the authorities:


  • A car accident lawyer will interview you before you make a final statement because anything you say can be held against you. 
  • A car accident lawyer will ensure that all pieces of evidence will be collected and correspond with your statement. 
  • A car accident lawyer will interview possible witnesses to help enlighten you about the details of the accident. 


Take Relevant Pieces of Evidence


It’s a good idea to take pictures of the scene of the incident. You can use your camera or smartphone. Take photographs of your injuries, damaged vehicles, traffic signals, and all possible pieces of evidence you can use to prove your claim. 


Even if you didn’t sustain any serious injuries, you have to go to the hospital to get a medical certificate. Exchange information with the other party and get the name, address, contact numbers, name of the insurance company, and other relevant information of the other driver for claims purposes. 


Notify the Insurance Company


Personal injury claims have statutes of limitations depending on the state of the incident. You need to talk to your car accident lawyer to ensure you’ll comply with the personal injury laws of the state. A good personal injury lawyer is an expert negotiator. 


If ever you’re involved in a fatal car accident, hiring a personal injury lawyer will ensure that the insurance company provides a fair amount of compensation for your damages. 




After a car accident, you have to make sure that you and your passengers are safe. Call 911, the police, and your personal injury lawyer so experts can assist you medically and legally. Whenever you can, take photographs of the accident scene, exchange information with the other party, and notify the insurance company about the incident.   



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