Top Considerations Before Buying a Gaming PC Hard Drive

A hard drive can make or break your gaming setup. Which hard drive you buy will dictate how your game performs in terms of visuals, speed, and graphics, and when you weigh all that up, it feels pretty pivotal that you get the purchase right. You will be left feeling frustrated if all your other equipment is optimized for the perfect game, but your hard drive is the thing letting it all down. Therefore, read our top recommended things to consider before you buy a gaming PC hard drive, and hopefully you can continue having an amazing gaming experience. 

How Much Storage It Has

Storage is one of the biggest considerations for gamers investing in any hard drive. The hard drive needs to be able to keep up with the big game files. If they can’t, there is an almost guaranteed risk that games will run slowly, load slowly, and generally perform poorer overall. With a smaller storage hard drive, a gamer is really limiting themselves in terms of a good gaming experience. So, you have two main options in HDD and SSD, of course there are more but these are the two we’re going to focus on. HDD generally gives a reasonable storage for a better price than SSD, but SSD reigns supreme when it comes to memory vs. load speed and run speed. 

SSD tends to have the better storage figures, normally upwards of at least 1TB. But HDD can still bring a lot to the table. When you consider that games can be anything up to 100GB to install and store, TBs worth of storage definitely sounds appealing. 

How Long It Will Last

Hard drives are not cheap. Therefore, you need them to last a long time in order to get the proper value for your money spent. Plus, let’s face it, a hard drive that taps out once a year is just not compatible for a gamer. Lenovo understands that these are important parts of the setup, the heart and hub if you will, where all your games sit and wait. HDD is the better option when it comes to longevity, and they have been proven time and time again to outlast other types of hard drive by a good, clear few years. 


GPU and CPU are also things to think about. Graphics and Central Processing Units play a key part in making a game authentic and unforgettable. They are the power behind the visuals and the smooth running, and the right specs can make all the difference. Don’t compromise on these components. 


HDD, SSD, whichever path you choose, as long as you have a solid RAM, great GPU and powerful processor, there’s not much that can put a downer on your gaming sessions. Everything else falls into place with the right hard drive by your side, so make the decision a good one. Finding something that can go the distance is easy enough after all.

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